gift guide no. 1: vermont

While I’m not a big shopper, I do love playing pretend and making gift guides. I’m inspired by three of the places I traveled to this year: Ireland, Vermont, & Paris. While obviously some of the items are inspirational & not realistic cost-wise, they are possible to find in handmade or lower priced iterations. I was hoping to make gifts this year, but with a broken sewing machine, I need to rethink my ideas!

Up first, of course: Vermont. Perfect prizes for camping family, forest princesses, or tiny gnomes.

giftsView links and information here – Polyvore is making it easy! Those J.Crew socks are actually made in Vermont, by the by. & I’d really like that book, Santa.


  1. I’m working on creating an interpretation for a property featured in Handcrafted Modern — Manitoga, in Garrison, NY. The whole book is really, really beautiful!

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