the ones you know

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Today is, oddly, my 10th anniversary of blogging. Luckily most of it is tucked away private on LiveJournal, because whew! when I read back, it makes me want to just tuck my smaller self into a little nest. Anyway! I am here to tell you that my fancier half has started his own blog – […]

the ones you know no. 5


Asheville edition of ‘the ones you know’, part 2! I’m not super happy that this city stole 2 of my favorite ladies on earth, but I’m glad they’re thriving there. Anna is one of the most grounded, wonderful, magical people I know. When I first met her years and years ago, I actually had to […]

the ones you know no.4

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I was planning on a double power “the ones you know” Asheville based post about 2 of my favorite ladies on this planet, Anna & Karie, but there’s just too much goodness for a single post! So I’ll start with Karie – I met Karie in SF & within minutes of meeting I was curled […]

clean slate


2011 is on the doorstep & all the tasks I’d delegated to this holiday week sit undone, a thick fog floating up around me as I become one with the couch, kittens & cocoa. What I allowed to be a short rest and recovery after the wedding is fast becoming stagnation. I have plans! Things […]

under the pyramids


I think now it is time to introduce my lovely Parisian host, Mathyld. She really welcomed both me and my coworker, bringing us muffins and mapping out quick walks while we were still on work-time, and welcoming me into her home on my last few days in Paris, which allowed me a little extra vacation! […]