will it ever stop raining?

Bob Dylan-A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (1964) Since this post, there’s been a major update. No, not that update. I wish. But possibly good, possibly not-so-good. I had surgery on June 3rd expecting to possibly find scar tissue, or nothing. Instead, it turns out that I have endometriosis. I’ve been wavering back & forth around […]



Hey, remember this post? Well, yesterday I gave notice at my current job, and am starting a new position in 2 weeks. I’m really, really excited. One of my big goals this year was to both figure out and further my career path, aligning it more closely with what I love doing – connecting with […]

There’s no such thing as stuck


Sean said that to me 2 nights ago and it unclenched my shoulders from around my ears. We moved to Vermont thinking we’d get pregnant without too much hassle and we wanted to be settled and around family and in a safe place to raise a family. Since that hasn’t happened, I’m starting to feel really […]

tattoo you


I’ve been noticing a disturbing and deeply tacky trend online of people being really insulting to those of us who are inked. I hit my limit of tolerating such bigotry the other day when the owner of a shop who follows me on twitter tweeted about how “disgusting” tattoos are. Well, you just lost ANY […]

spring rebirth


I’ve been having a bit of a grump lately. That’s an understatement. A sick-of-winter-want-sun-sick-of-the-flu-sick-of-paying-taxes major depresso-fest is more like it.  Since we moved to Vermont I’ve gotten more colds than I think I picked up in the whole of my living in California, and the trees are still bare and spiky, with snow squalls at random. […]