baby alpaca


So my lovely friend Lynda‘s been talking about Baby Alpaca forever and I’m like “whatever, I like tiny fuzzy hoofed animals” but then I finally clicked this link (click it! it’s not letting me embed!) the other day and realized I’d been missing out. Do you like how all the music I like these days […]

Disparate Youth


Man alive, how much do I love the new Santigold? I’M SO GLAD SHE’S BACK!!!! Click for Santi inspired Polyvore!

winter songs


My (now a tradition?) winter mix – not making cds this year,  just songs here for you! Please enjoy!!!! White Heron ♥ Mountain Man Sage Bundle Yum Waarm Ye ♥ Stag Hare Waves ♥ White Rainbow Red Sky ♥ Wooden Veil Warrior’s Lullaby ♥ Steffen Basho-Junghans Into the Dust of the Earth ♥ Brethren of […]

autumnal summons pt. 2


Rust wind dry grass crackle leaves woodstove smoke summoning mix! Somehow the tones of these songs make me think of crisp air, leaves crunching underfoot, fireplaces. Seadrift ♥ Arborea Don’t You Wish Your Baby was Built Up Like Mine? ♥ Texas Alexander My Daddy Rocks Me ♥ Trixie Smith Bad Blood ♥ Brownie McGhee Katie […]

the ones you know no. 3


I was going to keep the ‘the ones you know’ series to ladies, but I also have some of thems-other-folks whom people should know about. I picked this painting up from Kyle Ranson the other day as part of his blow-out art sale. He was about to head to the east coast for another collab […]