Navigating Infertility

Being infertile is sometimes like living in a sub-world or alternate reality. I worry about that feeling not going away with time, that the rest of my life will be this weird, second class citizen experience. I’m 2 months from 38, and coming to terms with the fact that 3 years, countless doctors, 4 IUIs, […]



Hi friends. I’m on vacation until the day after Labor Day, so I might just catch up on some blogging, dust out the corners over here. No lie, it’s been really hard & I haven’t wanted to share much, or even when I want to share cute things or little trips it feels disingenuous to […]



When did I start dressing like my grandmother? A year and a half in New England with nowhere fancy to shop + 10  extra pounds will do that to you, I guess. I tried to dig around online today to stock up on my favorite wardrobe staple, a black boat neck long sleeve tee. The […]

April Again


It’s April again, which means Infertility Awareness Week is coming up. We were hoping not to hit another April as an infertile couple, but so it goes. With 10% of women dealing with infertility, you probably know someone who is struggling. There are a million times a day where people make assumptions about why I don’t […]

There’s no such thing as stuck


Sean said that to me 2 nights ago and it unclenched my shoulders from around my ears. We moved to Vermont thinking we’d get pregnant without too much hassle and we wanted to be settled and around family and in a safe place to raise a family. Since that hasn’t happened, I’m starting to feel really […]