2009 greedy goblin gift guide

There are lots and lots of blogs out there that focus on Stuff. In fact, it is a leeetle mind boggling just how many! However, it’s the holidays! Everyone likes Stuff! I tend toward vintage/antique or handmade prizes (getting & giving, please) but sometimes one is just too plum tuckered out to whittle all of your friends custom yachts. Again. And so…


1. andersen’s fairy tales illustrated by dulac 2. mushroom stool 3. red riding hood paper dolls 4. roost branch candleholders 5. lady magic etching 6. dragon ring 7. dresden paper crown 8. black forest tea pot


1. wardian case 2. antique microscope 3. apothecary jars 4. pruning shears 5. toads and toadstools book
6. laura zindel ceramics 7. diptyque fragrance 8. compass cufflinks


1. crosley portable turntable 2. t. leclerc loose powder 3. chanel jade polish 4. three bezel ring 5. chie mihara shoes 6. moroccan pouf 7. hip flask 8. root liqueur

Yum! What are your wishes & gift favorites this season?

In other greedy goblin news, the Professor’s birthday was yesterday, and last night he decreed that we must (starting now) have a tradition that any time he has to open a present, I do too.


Eggs and crystals! See why I love him?


    1. Me too! The last one was fun, but painful, to make. I want it all! Time to look for thrifted versions, or to win the lottery. I hope someone knocks off that Chanel shade soon…

  1. NOOOOOO!! That Chanel nailpolish is the perfect shade to match my new cameo ring and it’s sold out on the website and going for $140.00 on ebay (no joke!!!!)

    1. OPI or someone will knock it off soon enough. Though Chanel does last longer than any nailpolish I’ve tried yet!

      All my nails broke in the move and aren’t growing nicely. :(

  2. that nail polish is amazing.
    i feel like i have enough stuff this year but i want to go and do fun things, like skiing at vail (not because it is fancypants but because it is enormous!! so many winding trails & snow flocked trees) and hiking on one of the channel islands (i’ve been to santa cruz a bunch; maybe anacapa). but i also want to start collecting art to put on our walls, cause i hope that soon we will have a real place to live (finger crossed!). i love wooldandwater’s paper dolls, and i hadn’t seen the katyart shop before… thank you :)
    i am making quilted things for my parents and my brother & my boyfriend and i are skiing at aforementioned yucky resort place as a gift to each other.

  3. Hi, you just peeked inside my brains and made the perfect wishlist so now I don’t have to! Yay! Everything I desire is right here: Mushroom stool, and minty moroccan poufs, and Chanel Jade (dammit!!! WANT.) and T.LeClerc andandand! Drooooool. Now infused with lust for things. Possible tantrum impending!

  4. Well, my goodness, thank you for writing my ENTIRE wishlist! I actually already have the Amy Earles dolls (many of them! she’s amazing!)… Boy howdy, those are the most perfect shoes I’ve ever seen!!! I’ve always wanted some Chie’s, but those are the most tempting ones I’ve every seen. And have you tasted that Root liqueur? It sounds yum!

  5. oh chie. chie, i want chie. please St Nick. i found some teeny tiny toadstools for Iris’s stocking, and maybe they’re for me a bit as well. oh, but i like so many of these delightful objet. oh dear. full of want. again.

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