ebay Shop Re-Opening (& the ebay vs Etsy debate)


View the shop here! Well! After 4 years of putting it off for various reasons (primarily inertia) I managed to finally start listing things on eBay this weekend. It feels good. I’m going to try to keep listing pretty consistently, with more going up on the weekends. The mobile app eBay has now makes listing […]

treasure & hunting


It’s all flowers and geriatric living up in here lately. Brunch and Sunday drives, looking for treasures. This pewter jug was strangely appealing to me, & ¬†totally something my mom would have. A set of 4 champagne coupes, for fancy living. A glass and silverplate container to keep the cat from stealing my earrings and […]

treasure hunting


So, I haven’t yet found my striped blazer, but I’ve been having fairly stellar thrift luck. I’d knock on wood but I’m ok with my recent luck being the bulk of it, please refer to the whole LESS STUFF thing. I basically fail at paring back when it comes to clothes – especially since so […]

summer classics


Updating the shop with some Vermont finds! Classic looks – chambray blue, crisp white, sandy tan leather, with a touch of coral. My dream palette for summer! & more more more! This is the last batch before I head out on my travels, and when I return I have still many many lovely things to […]

spring fancies


Quick spring update! I’m going to try to add more to the shop tonight, & hopefully will be back from Vermont in 2 weeks with an even more restocked shop! Mmm spring! My mom wore shoes like this EVERY SUMMER in the 80s. I can’t even think about summer without picturing these sandals! This bag […]