Art in the Wilderness: Saint-Gaudens Historic Site

We were visiting with my parents yesterday and I was flopped on the couch with teenage ennui, wishing I could walk around actual places, not just woods. Side note: has anyone else who’s moved home after a very long time away found themselves taking on teenage characteristics? Yikes. My mother suggested the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site, so off we went.

It’s so worth a visit. I’ve always loved his Diana at the Met, and there are galleries and sculpture tucked all through the grounds, as well as hiking trails, the historically preserved house and stables, and gorgeous gardens galore. The epicenter of the Cornish Art Colony, Cornish & Plainfield NH (and Windsor VT, across the covered bridge) are charming towns with great examples of old New England architecture. Make sure to check out the Maxfield Parrish stage set if you’re in the area!

saint_gaudens_atrium_2saint_gaudens_atrium saint_gaudens_fountains
saint_gaudens_victory saint_gaudens_memorial saint_gaudens_gardens2 saint_gaudens_house saint_gaudens_porch ath2
house path garden2 garden1 stableswindsor_covered_bridge


Plant Shopping at Snug Harbor Farm

snugharbor snugharbor2 snugharbor3 snugharbor4 snugharbor5 snugharbor6 snugharbor7 snugharbor8 snugharbor9 snugharbor10We were back in Kennebunkport last weekend on a last-minute, pre-Memorial Day mini trip. We stopped at Snug Harbor Farm to pick out a few plants on our way home, and it’s 100% my happy place and total inspiration for our garden / life / everything.

We picked out a hibiscus tree, a hanging fern for the porch, a potted fern for the dining room, and a plant we totally forgot the name of for the living room. (Do you know what it is?!)

plant1 plant2 plant3

Get Ready For Summer: Beach Bag Refresh


Expired sunscreen and ratty beach towels? Take a look in your beach bag & update before the season gets into full swing! Here are some ideas to keep your summer feeling relaxed and worry-free.

Navy striped rash guard for UV protection, and matching bikini bottomRay Ban Meteor‘s are classic and super flattering. I’m partial to baseball caps, but go wide brimmed to keep your neck from getting burned. Spooky books are easier to read in bright sunlight. Sunscreen: I’ve been using MD Solar Sciences tinted mineral creme for years and still love it. Don’t forget lip protection. I use the kids’ fragrance-free Babo Botanicals sunscreen for body. Sea salt spray can make coarse or thick hair really crispy – Surf Infusion has oil to keep your beach waves perfect. A case to keep your phone dry and sand free. A turkish towel takes up less space & dries quickly. Wet suit bag – the thing I usually forget. Simple flip flops that get better with sand + salt. Last but not least – the beach bag. I use this one when it’s just me and Sean, and this one in extra large when it’s the whole family. It’s huge. We can fit Ira in it.

What are your beach essentials – and favorite beaches?

Road Trip: Newburyport, Massachusetts

park marketsquare shopwindow lilacs maritime cocacola flowerbox bricks_blooms seaWe took off toward the sea last weekend, no plans in mind except stepping out of reality for the day. We ended up in Newburyport for lunch, and we’ll definitely be back to explore further. The town was settled in 1635 and there are still gorgeous 1700’s buildings standing, giving it an English feel. Old New England seaside port towns – like Wiscasset or Portsmouth – feel like time traveling to me. I love exploring them and it was amazing to stumble on this one. Next time we’ll do this historic house tour, and do more research on thrift and antique shops in the area.