Catching Up

    So, it’s been a few months. Years? Still here, still in Vermont.

    Still kind of half-done with some of the projects I was talking about over a year ago. The kitchen is as far as it can get until we redo the mudroom and change where you enter into the house. Decided on painted shiplap flooring instead of faux slate.

    The powder room is ALMOST done but has been in a sad state for over a year – anyone know what to do if you REALLY messed up wallpaper? Like bubbles and the edges not lining up right? Note to self: live somewhere you can find professionals.

    The patio / fence / stonework in the yard is actually the most done – I’ll try to rustle together a post on it because it’s a super cute and relaxing space. Maybe before we pack up everything for winter?

    The dining room is totally done, except for splurging on some birdcage Windsor chairs when I just bite the bullet and do it. Soon. It’s painted Benjamin Moore Weimaraner which is basically the best grey ever.

    So, that’s the house. Job = amazing. I’m working for Tata Harper Skincare and running eCommerce & Digital Marketing. Just now feeling like I’m getting into a good clip with the team and looking forward to building amazing things with some really smart ladies.

    Still no babies. (And no, I’m not super amused by the people googling “verhext pregnant”. I can see you! Stop it!!) At almost 42, reasonably at peace with that ship having sailed. Mostly. Not really.

    With that no-baby thing being our reality, we’re thinking more and more about leaving Vermont for NYC. My friends are there, and every time I travel there for work I seem to make more friends – something that just doesn’t happen here. The city makes me happy in a way that being here full-time doesn’t. We’d keep the house, and keep working on it, but – next big life step will be being a city mouse AND a country mouse. And I need to think about my career and life in a different way now – shifting all priorities. It’s a strange reality, but that’s life! Always unexpected.

    How have you been?