before & after

Before & After: Living Room Update (Almost!)


I really wanted to get the living room update done before we had Christmas here and we’re very, very close. Close enough for a reveal! The BEFORE photos are from when we first bought the house (Feb 2012), but the plastering, painting, and bookcase were done right after the sale went through. Since the last […]

Before & After: Stairs


Remember the previously hideous hallway? It extended down the stairs! We’d been living with the bad carpet on the stairs for a long time after the hallway had been done, partially because the cats use it as a scratching post. Why do I let the cats get away with everything bad? I don’t know. The carpet was […]

more nonsense about doors


This isn’t a before & after so much as a test run – and not a very good one at that. The plan is to rip down everything that isn’t brick on the house and rebuild from the ground up. Neither extension – both built between 1900 & 1920 – has a foundation, one doesn’t […]

sofa quick fix


Friday night I literally couldn’t take our old, beat up, kitten-scratching-post of a sofa for a single second longer. We’re saving up for a new one, but in the meantime I was willing to throw the dang thing out and sit on the floor while we waited, just so I didn’t have to look at […]

before & after: carriage house bathroom


A quick and easy bathroom renovation to get the carriage house in shape for guests! The previous owners had built a panel to cover plumbing, but had ended it before the hole for the plumbing ended, filling it in with cardboard. Nice. Really. We replaced the light fixtures, getting rid of one (there’s a reasonably […]