sky blue & citrus


Back from a week in the desert – our 4th February pilgrimage to visit my in-laws, even more necessary since moving back East. A grey, cloudy sky is over Vermont right now and I’m already pining for sun and blue, blue skies. Spring in Vermont doesn’t kick in until May, so I’m trying to keep remembering the feeling of […]

desert valentine


5 nights in the desert, the longest time I’ve ever spent at a single hotel. Soaking in the sun by the pool, trying to save it all up for the next few dreary months until spring here. Bedside grocery store carnations and stacks of magazines. Room service breakfast on the balcony, looking out over the […]

mermaid tidepools


I am slow on blogging! We drove up to the tidepools in Salt Point National Park last weekend.  We’ve been managing to get some wedding things done, so that’s good, but still so hectic. I swear, all I think about right now is “Do wedding things! List Etsy! Get day job projects done!” I need […]

last resort


At 3am Friday morning, I was up and poking Sean in the eye until he was awake enough to drive, and we zoomed down the coast.  We hit the ocean as the sun rose, winding through green hills soaked in fog to see the sun coming over the sea. Bliss. We stopped in Santa Barbara […]

st. orres


Tiny adventures! Off to the sea-side of Northern California a few weekends ago, to stay in a tiny cottage at St. Orres. So good! So cozy! Recommended by the lovely Miss Kristin of Hiss and Hearse, St. Orres is a crazy onion dome hotel and tiny cottages built by hippies in the middle of nowhere. […]