the 1836 house

thonet test drive


I found this old cane and black-painted bentwood chair for $20 at our local thrift, and figured I’d give my dream of having the Era round armchairs in my dining room a test drive. Yep, looking good. I love the way the cane and the spalted maple table work together. However, we have a problem. […]

Before & After: Stairs


Remember the previously hideous hallway? It extended down the stairs! We’d been living with the bad carpet on the stairs for a long time after the hallway had been done, partially because the cats use it as a scratching post. Why do I let the cats get away with everything bad? I don’t know. The carpet was […]

hallway chair


I’m going a little crazy with the house clearing out this spring. We have a lot of found / random furniture, and some of it is quite old and smelly. Out it goes, so we’re starting from bare bones and working back up to something more cohesive and healthy and functional. This chair frame was […]

summer bedroom


Our bedroom is my favorite spot in the spring / summer – huge windows that open to the balcony, lilacs outside, creamy white plaster walls. We swapped the heavy duvet for a light blanket last night. Hello summer!