magpie palette

kuler app for moodboard palettes


Sean looked over the other day while I was playing with this app and said something like “Oh god, that’s basically hours of fun for you.” An extension of the Kuler site, the app is free and lets you make custom palettes, or suggest palettes based on your photos. You can also import photos from flickr […]

Bedside Color Scheme


Not normally a color scheme I’d expect to occur in my house, but I’m liking the mustard, black, and white cohesion that happened on my bedside table. I’m finding that a lot of the color I’m gravitating toward lately is new to my favorites – especially deep blues. I used to be such a shades-of-orange-to-persimmon […]

magpie palette no. 4


This weeks garden flowers got a little boost from the local flower market, and the yellow-purple-white combination was making me so happy I felt inspired to build a palette on it. Plus, you know, all the WEDDINGWEDDINGWEDDING around today. How about violet wedding dresses? {palette photos: Flowers, my own. Paper bag with lemon calligraphy, elizabeth anne […]

magpie palette no. 3


Hello hello! some bits & pieces I’ve been meaning to share on a rainy day, and it is indeed a rainy day! Magpie palette moodboard from recent thrift finds & various bits. Click to enlarge. Bow chain handbag, YSL belt, string of pearls, Maggy London dress: destined for the shop. Wallet, for me. Hand me […]

magpie palette no. 2


I’ve been drawn to spring things, pinks and blues, strange for me! all photos in moodboard mine except nest, ceiling, & screenshot from Bolshoi Ballet ’67. Click to enlarge! Recent finds: Royal Staffordshire teapot, pink milk glass cake stand, gold and pink dish, green creamer, embossed glass goblet/vase. and 25 of these glasses, for very […]