wrap it up

I’m always looking for plastic alternatives in the kitchen, leading to an almost frenzied snatching up of covered Pyrex dishes whenever I see them at thrift stores. I’m excited to try this beeswax infused food storage wrap, and I found the French cheese wrapping paper  at the local co-op for 99 cents. It’s hard to be vigilant about this stuff, so it’s great to see more and more options out there for us crazy hippies.


  1. Yes, I hate plastic, especially in the kitchen! I have these awesome stainless steel lunch containers from Whole Foods that I use every day. Definitely worth the $25! A big bummer for me is that I can’t find milk in a glass jar in Brisbane, and I’ve never seen cheese not wrapped in plastic. How does the cheese wrapping paper work?

    1. The paper is waxed, so just like cheese you’d get at a deli, wrapped and taped. The beeswax cloth actually worked super well to keep cheddar not-crusty. Yay. And it smells good.

  2. I’m always looking for stuff like this, too. I’ve been on a mission to get rid of plastic, especially the plastic that comes into contact with food. I love that this stuff is self-sealing. I try to avoid disposables but sometimes can’t help but give in to the convenience…

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