Hey, remember this post? Well, yesterday I gave notice at my current job, and am starting a new position in 2 weeks.

I’m really, really excited. One of my big goals this year was to both figure out and further my career path, aligning it more closely with what I love doing – connecting with people online and writing, with the added benefit of being at a socially & environmentally conscious company. This new position allows me to do all that, and I can’t wait to dig in.

It feels good to be moving to a larger company as well – I’ve really enjoyed being at a small creative agency, but as it turns out, I also love the stability and the support a larger company can bring. I think it will really help some of the doubts I’ve had about Vermont and make it feel less isolated here. Does that make sense?

This morning the café was playing Nick Cave and the woman in front of me in line was carrying a Goyard tote, and just for a minute I could pretend I was in civilization and everything was ok. That comfort was a little startling – summer in Vermont means being swept up in the green, warm days, grass under your toes. But in the bleak winter? I guess I need more trips into the city!

So March is in like a lion for me – I’m feeling good about my goals this year so far. I’ve got the budget honed and have been managing money in a much more organized way, we’re signing up for a gym tomorrow (!!) and we have an appointment with Dartmouth Hitchcock (the big guns) next week to talk about next steps for infertility stuff. 2013 really feels all about mindful, organized action for me, but maybe that’s just what happens when you settle down. Or, you know, get older and smarter. I’m so impressed by the ladies who jammed on all this at 25. What’s up, late bloomers?


  1. I have thought about that unsticking post many times since you posted it. Especially the part about action being creation not reaction. It’s been a mantra of sorts since reading it and I just wanted to say thank you for putting it out there.

    Very excited for you! I hope the rest of 2013 is extremely kind to you.

  2. Congrats, congrats! And best of luck with everything. Despite Bleak January, and F*ing February, I still think 2013 will turn out to be awesome for everybody.

  3. Doing the unstuck, then? Love this. So happy for the new job & big changes. I need a big dose of this positive outlook stuff– trying to find a way to quit my job and do more freelance work… Scary/necessary!

  4. Nick Cave makes everything better. 😉

    I too am a late bloomer (helloooo just turned 39. where did the time go?) and reading this just made me feel less freaked out about it. I so envy those people who knew what they wanted & accomplished it all by the age of 30. They’re like unicorns or something.

    Many congrats on the new gig!

  5. When I’m zoned out I still think I’m 24 and totally ahead of the game. Then I add 10 years and realize how awesome the 30+ women around me are, which makes it all right again.

    I’m thrilled about your new gig. I just painted the back room of the store a nice aqua blue and I want to have window seats built and invite all of my 30+ lady friends over to look at the ceiling and brainstorm/daydream about what we should be doing with our lives…

  6. Wahoo! Glad to hear you’re moving forward, not feeling stuck. I have no idea what to do with myself – at 23 I was so sure and nothing in my “plan” has gone as expected. It’s good to remember that there’s no such thing as stuck, and it’s so positive to hear about what you’re doing. Cheers!

  7. Congratulations, this is awesome! I too have thought about your unsticking post a few times since you wrote it and I am giving my notice in my current job soon, too. I am absolutely terrified of doing it but I know it will be for the best. I am so glad to have a fellow late bloomer to put into words what I am feeling!

  8. _Congratulations on the new job , which also sounds great.
    It totally makes sense that with a job that you like and fulfills you you will feel more in synch and happy with the place you are .
    Good luck with the doctor.
    I am crossing my fingers for you so that 2013 brings all the surprises that you wish for (and I agree, this year I have been more intentional about my goals, as in, putting them into paper, setting deadlines, and actually getting sh*t done. It must be we’re getting old and wise :) )

  9. Such good news, on so many fronts!

    I’m convinced that the people who look like they have it all figured out early are just really good at appearances. Definitely not something I just tell myself to feel better.

  10. Congratulations! Hooray for big, exciting, important decisions. And all the best for the new job!

    I’ve been working on budgeting too, and though it was hard at first, the feeling of my credit card bill finally, finally going down is absolutely worth it.

  11. I love you so much and am so happy to read that you’re moving in a positive and exciting direction with your career! I am wishing so wicked hard for you two to get some really good help in going forward dealing with the fertility madness.

  12. Late bloomer, heeey! I was 10 years older than the other kids when doing my Masters degree, so was the “experienced one”. Geez.

    Congratulations on the new gig! There really is something about putting goals down in writing, and then sharing them that makes them real and actually happen.

  13. Ah, thank you so much for this post. As someone who perpetually feels behind on the old life plan, this is such a welcome piece. There is so much to be said for decision making with the benefit of life experience. Not that I always get it right, far from it, but I am perhaps able to make more deliberate decisions. Wishing you all the best in 2013 and at your new job!

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