thank goodness

We’re doing family Thanksgiving on Saturday, but I wanted to run up to the cabin today to hang out with my brother – it’s my 1st Thanksgiving home in probably 17 years, and his first without his babies since they were born. So. We trekked in with a big pot of chili and cornbread, sat by the fire, split wood, chatted. So grateful to be back around my family. And my new goal in life is to become a champion wood splitter. I’m serious.


  1. Gorgeous photos as always. And take it from me, don’t split wood when it’s getting dark (not that most people would…) – my husband nearly cut his thumb off the other night and ended up with 16 stitches.

  2. looks and sounds like you and your brother found a very good way to spend the day together. the woods look so magical in the snow! but I gues they look magical in just about any circumstance :)

  3. i am sure it’s a big adjustment to have the boys away. i am so happy that you are with your family and creating new traditions. i want to visit and smell the vermont earth!

  4. There’s nothing like a cabin for recovering from heart hurt. The day after the news my dad had passed away, I ran away with my boys (the human and the fuzzy) and went up just to BE. I’m glad your brother has you to lean on right now.

    P.S. That chili looks AMAZING.

    P.P.S. Next time I make it back to VT can I come visit?

  5. seems like a sort of bittersweet thanksgiving in the world this year, doesn’t it? GORGEOUS photos and wow, that is one of the cutest dogs i’ve ever laid eyes on! xoxo

  6. J: :(
    S: tall boots! fuzzy hat! You’re basically a Vermonter! (minus that fashionable scarf. you look too good to be from there.)

    Missing you guys, snow, cabins, and especially woodstoves.
    Oh, and WHO is that adorable black dog???

    1. The dudes at Positive Pie yelled out “hey California! how you liking the snow?” at him today. Ahahaha.

      The dog is Pamela-who-owns-the-So-Ro-House’s, she was away and it was sad and lonely so we stole it.

  7. My heart twisted a bit, in a good and awful way. I hope it was everything you needed it to be and felt like home. I hope your brother found peace in a different sort of Thanksgiving this year.

  8. Chili, sisters, dogs and winterland surroundings – that’s got to do a lot for a broken heart. That pup with the rings around its eyes is just wonderful.

  9. Man oh man – what a comfort you must be to your brother. I love the idea of having a small and simple gathering in a perfect cabin in the woods. As far as the wood chopping goes – I hear my brother telling my wife, “Hey Gracia, Sis is good at a lot of things – wood chopping isn’t one of her gifts…. hide the ax.” Which only makes me more determined… I’ve heard something about wearing shin splints?

    1. Ha! I’ve definitely worried for my toes – I do it really well if I don’t overthink it – the minute I’m thinking “I can’t do this” – bam, I miss. Life lessons through wood chopping.

  10. ok I know, it’s a totally weird question but it’s been on my mind for over a half a year already — on the photo of the cute little black dog there are some Sorel boots in the background, would you happen to know what’s the exact type/name cause I’m in awe and haven’t had luck finding similar ones :)

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