st. orres

Tiny adventures! Off to the sea-side of Northern California a few weekends ago, to stay in a tiny cottage at St. Orres. So good! So cozy!

Recommended by the lovely Miss Kristin of Hiss and Hearse, St. Orres is a crazy onion dome hotel and tiny cottages built by hippies in the middle of nowhere.


gnomeSpot the gnome.



turretStained glass turret over the hot tub in the spa pavilion. Yes, please.

shack We kept driving up the coast on Sunday, thrifting ~ jadeite bowls and vintage patterns ~ going to the beach, stopping at cemeteries, and finding a pumpkin patch.



stripeshackSalt water taffy shack.

angelSomeone was shooting things in this cemetery, we didn’t stick around.



glassCurious chapel on the side of the road. It’s like being underwater in a mermaid’s house.



pumpkinsWe picked a white one. And a wee calf licked our hands.

sodashopStopped at a soda fountain in Petaluma for milkshakes.


& home again, windswept and happy.


  1. i’ve stayed near there before, and been in that church! not in that amazing hotel, tho. so lovely. that area is also where hitchcock filmed the birds.

  2. Wow, you just made me hyperventilate from all this gorgeousness!
    How I wish I could shrink small and fit in your packet to accompany on such marvelous adventures! I will live in the mermaid chapel, please.
    Pumpkins and milkshakes and jewels and ocean and magic oh my!
    I collapse from beauty overload now.
    p.s. Oh heavens, thank you one million times for the wonderful parcel.
    I’m drinking the black rose tea right now and am totally absorbed in the crow girl book! I love you! Yours is late (of course) but very juicy…

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