sky blue & citrus


Back from a week in the desert – our 4th February pilgrimage to visit my in-laws, even more necessary since moving back East. A grey, cloudy sky is over Vermont right now and I’m already pining for sun and blue, blue skies. Spring in Vermont doesn’t kick in until May, so I’m trying to keep remembering the feeling of sandal wearing & sun-soaking in order to get me through the next few months of gloom. This is only our second trip since moving to Vermont, and we figured a lot out after spending basically 4 days of our vacation traveling. Next year, more time on the coast, and hopefully better flight timing!


Favorite spots: Swami’s Cafe //  Meditation Gardens //  San Clemente // Viceroy Palm Springs // The Fine Art of Design vintage // Agua Serena Spa // The Barney’s New York outlet at Cabazon // The Living Desert // El Gallito // Koffi




  1. That looks incredible. I’ll be going to San Diego/Palm Springs for vacation/ friend’s wedding at the end of May and seeing all this awesomeness is making me more giddy to go!

  2. Oh now I am jealous. I am glad you were able to soak up on sunshine and blue skies, if only for a few days. “Cutting” the winter can make all the difference (birds are not stupid).
    If it is any consolation, the Summer does not really arrive in The Netherlands until September. Well that was an exaggeration, but on my experience, even when we get warm days/ weeks here and then at random moments, in September you can be sure it will be warm (ish).

  3. So beautiful! I went to peek at the Viceroy online and then it started following me around in banner ads — which I honestly didn’t mind, for once! Ahhhh daydreams about sunny vacations…

    Unrelated…I think it was you who mentioned Miss Jessie’s products a while back? If so, THANK YOU, because I finally ordered samples for my wee super-curly girl and the difference is astounding. Plus now she smells like cupcakes :)

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