seeing red

In a good way! When we were kids, every Valentine’s Day my mom would put a tiny pile of red gifts on our place mats at breakfast. Small things, like a red wallet, gloves, red pencils with my name on them – Anabela’s post totally reminded me to finish this post, ahhh nostalgia – a red scarf, a heart necklace. I LOVED Valentine’s morning, and was almost as excited as Christmas. If I ever do have babies, it’s a tradition I want to continue! There will also be heart shaped pancakes! She did it all the way through high school, too. Thanks mama, you rule.

I don’t like red as much as I used to, but I’d love to find these at my place at breakfast.


  1. My mom did this too! She made heart-shaped waffles, and gave us little surprises that she either put at the end of our beds or on our plates for breakfast, and even sent me Valentine’s day packages when I left home for college. I think this saved me from the negativity many of my friends felt about Valentine’s day, because my strongest connection with the holiday is with the little surprises my mom would think up to make it special for us. Little red, happy presents. Wonderful.

  2. Oh man, we never did this – but I totally want to do it for my own kids, because I feel like it makes the holiday a little less couple-y and nauseating, and more just an excuse for fun.

    One of my neighbors had a Valentine’s day tea party every year where they served strawberry tea and cute heart shaped treats. It was awesome and so much fun. I would love to be that mom that hosts the Valentine’s tea party…or I can just be that girl that does it and have my own friends over :-p.

  3. my mum always gave us valentines too! i’m always surprised to find out that people hate valentine’s day… i guess i just assumed that everyone’s mums gave them little presents. sure, it’s a made up holiday and all that crap, but it’s a day to celebrate love! what’s so wrong about that?

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