Living Room Update: Take 2!

I’ve basically been having a complete meltdown over the state of our house – living in renovation / decorating flux for 3 years is starting to really wear on me, especially as I cruise toward turning 39 and feel soundly middle aged. Ok, I don’t really feel middle aged, but there are some milestones I’d like to reach. One is feeling like my home is comfortable, cohesive, and deliberate. The living room is next on the list to tackle, and it’s been a real challenge to get comfort, style, cat proof, nothing-disposable, and non-toxic all in one.

Here’s the vision I’m working on now – and will hopefully unveil before the holidays!

livingroom_update floor lamp (have similar dark green & brass vintage one) //  acrylic coffee table (done) // nelson lamp (done, see the before link) // coral leather pouf – 20% off right now but still steep // chinoiserie side table – found at an antique store – same shape, but no glass top and cherry wood instead of lacquer // built in bench – in progress, Matthew Smyth example here // regency eagle mirror, ours is a hand-me-down from Sean’s mother //  pillows – planning to make these, inspired by: havana pillowbanana leaf pillow, malachite green pillow // creamware – this is Setsuko Klossowska de Rola (she’s a huge inspiration in general) for Astier de Villatte, mine is an ever-growing thrift collection // the rug is the big decision: thomaspaul rug or gobi wool rug? //  x magazine rack (on order, will fit nicely under the chinoiserie table) // coral, antique hand-me-down from Sean’s mother

Just putting this all together made me feel a lot better about where we are – getting the bench finished and the rug decision made will go a long way!

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  1. I feel like most of my adult life has been spent living in renovations and almost decorated homes. Oh, to have the money to finish something all at once AND THEN move in. It would probably bore me.

    I love the direction you’re going in here. And I still am so jealous of those bookcases and all the lovely moldings in your home. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. I just put down my cheap, old 90s olefin/magic carpet that had been hanging out in my parents’ basement for 12 years. I do not feel middle aged. I’m such a dumb teenager! haha
    I really like the Thomas Paul carpet because it looks like it has little stars on it, but I think it might be too ornate for all that Chinoiserie- which I think is kind of the point of Chinoiserie, and that’s why I love it- but we do live in modern times, so… i dunno?

    1. YES. I myself have all of these thoughts! Sean calls that rug choice the “constellation rug” – and I worry about it being super overwhelming. The bench will have a dark grey linen bench cushion, bolsters, and pillows, though – maybe that will tone it down? It’s hard to make big purchase decisions. :/

      1. Yes! It’s SO PRETTY! I think the banana leaf fabric is clashing with it. I covered it up and looked at it again and I think that is the pattern that’s throwing the whole collage off for me! haha

  3. Oh, I really love your inspiration and can’t wait to see what the actual room looks like soon.

    I actually constantly show my partner your IG feed and say, “THIS is what I want my house to look like!” He is only mildly interested in what I want my hypothetical-one-day-house to look like, but agrees you have killer good taste.

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