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Get Ready For Summer: Beach Bag Refresh


Expired sunscreen and ratty beach towels? Take a look in your beach bag & update before the season gets into full swing! Here are some ideas to keep your summer feeling relaxed and worry-free.

Navy striped rash guard for UV protection, and matching bikini bottomRay Ban Meteor‘s are classic and super flattering. I’m partial to baseball caps, but go wide brimmed to keep your neck from getting burned. Spooky books are easier to read in bright sunlight. Sunscreen: I’ve been using MD Solar Sciences tinted mineral creme for years and still love it. Don’t forget lip protection. I use the kids’ fragrance-free Babo Botanicals sunscreen for body. Sea salt spray can make coarse or thick hair really crispy – Surf Infusion has oil to keep your beach waves perfect. A case to keep your phone dry and sand free. A turkish towel takes up less space & dries quickly. Wet suit bag – the thing I usually forget. Simple flip flops that get better with sand + salt. Last but not least – the beach bag. I use this one when it’s just me and Sean, and this one in extra large when it’s the whole family. It’s huge. We can fit Ira in it.

What are your beach essentials – and favorite beaches?


  1. Finally summer here in sweden, thank you for the inspiration, time to swap those old plastic bags for a wetbag and head to the sea!

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