garland garnish

At Clementine this weekend I saw this little bow garland decal from Shanna Murray, and even though I had no idea where to put it, it was so wee and glittery gold and sweet and festive that I figured I’d find a place. After taping it up all over the room, it ended up over the bed. A cheery glimmering thing to wake up to.


  1. Oh, it’s so sweet there! We used to have a little gold one up in the living room but when I painted I had to take it down. I keep meaning to get a new one to replace it!

  2. I was just thinking the other day that no one uses the word garland enough.And then I started a whole new blog based around it, and THEN you wrote about hanging one in your room…..coincidence? I think not. <3

  3. I know. I’m going to fill my entire house with gold stars!!! PS: Vermont looks so pretty that it almost makes me want to move somewhere , where it snows….almost.:)

  4. you are loving the gold tones these days! i was searching for gold chunky glitter yesterday but found nothing. i was inspired by your instagram pic with the nude + gold glitter polish.

  5. seriously love the garland and the simplicity of your sweet bedroom. one of the sweet joys of starting over somewhere new is that everything is a blank wall and you get to curate exactly what you want for your spaces and life. i’m so glad you’re feeling a lil more settled. xo

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