autumn mountains

Last time I went to Vermont I posted only a tiny fraction of the zillion photos I took. This time, I barely took a handful!  Tiny snippets of stolen time – riding lessons with my nephews, driving curving dirt roads in crisp autumn splendor, bonfires at the cabin, rain on the new roof, waking up in the most beautiful place on earth.

roadmushroomscabinoutside2Shingles and a roof! It’s getting there. I couldn’t decide on the green for the trim. I wanted a real Paris green – it’s so elusive.cabinoutsidecabintrunklovecabin3blanketwoodpilemountainshorsespuffcheekseliThat last photo is by Emily, but how cute is Eli at his riding lessons? The best!!!


  1. oh boy. those photographs almost made me cry! that’s silly isn’t it? it looks so so full of love and attention. i love the inside all creamy white & green. you have made a nest in the woods and it’s Paris green. i wish you and S many many years of happy times there. i don’t think i have properly congratulated you, so here it is, a toast to you and him and love. *chink*

  2. Aaaahhhhhh how can you stand to leave that tiny house in the woods? So wonderful. I second the wedding toast–it looked beautiful.

    1. I can’t! Especially since we NEVER get to just sit and chill in it! Next trip will have at least one day where all we do is wander the woods and have bonfires and read books!

  3. order a colour card from farrow & ball – i think their greens will be closest to what you’re looking for… we’re in the middle of repainting our house (exterior) so i have been made to contemplate these kind of greens lately too.

    1. Ah, good advice! After buying 2 gallons of paint for TRIM I think we’ll just stick with it – but good to know in the future! I doubt my green lust will subside.

      1. I love your tiny house so much! It is dreamy.

        I just painted every room a different shade of green, so I get you! I didn’t even really mean to. Except for the tiny hallway went beet purple/red ^_^

  4. This post has sent me on a googling frenzy about Vermont. I have never been and it looks so beautiful. I have been living in LA for the last 4-ish years and as you can image I’m in need some fresh air. And thanks to this post I am now obsessed with the idea of going to stay in a cabin in Vermont. I have a birthday coming up in a few weeks and think this would be the perfect way to spend my special day. Can you point me in the right direction. Like, what town or area I should look, where to fly into, etc…

    Thanks for sharing parts of your beautiful life here.

    1. I hate to say anything bad about my state because I believe it is paradise, but you should know that if Vermont has an ugly season, it’s now! The leaves are all off and it’ll be rainy & gloomy for the next few weeks until the snow comes in December. Mid winter, late spring/summer & fall in Vermont are crazy beautiful, but the end of fall is just wet and drab. Maybe you should visit on your half-birthday instead?

      1. Yeah, I was going to say the same! The next few weeks are NOT the time to visit Vermont!!

        Christmas is amazing, but in a cabin?

        BTW, did you (Em) see that squirrel wood stove I emailed? SO CUTE.

        1. Yes! Justin showed me…I haven’t been on my computer in ages, only the downstairs one. The odd thing is: Justin just found that stove, but it was the larger, rectangle model, in Steve’s basement a day before you sent that. He was going to trade work for it and put it in our beach cabin. He said it is would be too big/hot for your cabin, but our’s will be much bigger next summer, hopefully. So, we can bring the tiny potbelly home for you, or keep hunting for the wee squirrel.

          1. Whoa, that’s crazy!! Keep an eye out for the tiny version of the squirrel, please!! It just seems so perfect!!
            At some point we really need to come to PEI, jeez!

  5. Your cabin appears to be perfectly cozy. You do need to go back and just relax. We have a little cabin in the mountains and it is such a place of peace and rejuvenation.

  6. Can I go to your cabin right now? I’m already daydreaming of our taking a trip to visit you once you come to your senses and move back to the place that dreams are made of. Then I will convince Jim that we should move there and we can start our baby applesauce company. OK? OK.

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