With Thanksgiving over and the first dusting of snow on the ground, it’s starting to feel wintery around here. Vermont winter is always a mixed blessing – it’s so gorgeous and cozy and then you realize you have to keep the pipes from freezing and yourself from falling on ice and it takes three times as long to get to work because of the roads and heating oil is a million dollars (heat or eat, as the Vermont saying goes) but but but look at those big fluffy snowflakes! So pretty!

I took Monday off to extend my Thanksgiving weekend – I’d forgotten how much I can get done when well rested & not working 8 hours + commuting 2 hours every day. Besides the sofa updating and pillow making, I completed a lot of house projects that I’ve been meaning to get to; from cleaning up rooms to organizing my closet to moving the random stacks of things around the house into storage to moving furniture. It’s feeling really good around the house – even if we can’t afford to tackle some of the bigger projects (oh, you know, like gutting the dining room & powder room, or taking off the entire kitchen extension and rebuilding it) we can make it super cozy. Next weekend: the tree, garlands, and lights! Yes!!




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