winter pick me ups

A couple people have asked to be kept up to date with my adventures in natural makeup, so here’s a few new things. Ilia is an all natural sheer lip color created by a woman who wanted a fancy, cosmetic counter style lipstick without all the toxins. The color I tried, Shell Shock, looks crazy but is actually very sheer & pretty. I’m looking forward to the matte line they’re launching in March, and wish they’d expand into pressed powder – I’m having the hardest time finding a nice natural one.

I also restocked my everyday perfume (Vrt from Captain Blankenship) and noticed that they have a few new scents and a sample pack. Wolf Moon is named after the full moon in January & is an ancestral, dark and smoky scent with Choya Loban (smoked frankincense) and Orris (iris root) along with of tuberose, Turkish rose and myrrh. Warm cedarwood, wild sweet orange and the honey notes of linden blossom rise to the top.  Sea Wolf is described as a more masculine and earthly counterpart to Wolf Moon, inspired by woods, waves and wolf ways. Emerald green pine needles, wild fir, vetiver, patchouli, myrhh and frankincense evoke a forest streaked with rays of light. A warm sun of honeyed linden blossom, wild sweet orange and black pepper meet the watery moon notes of wafting ylang ylang and airy palmarosa. Maybe a sweet Valentine’s Day prize?

I know all you ladies are Olo addicts, and while I think they smell lovely, my heart and my daily use goes to the Captain. If you know what I mean.




  1. Oooo. Only 10$ for a sample pack? Sign me up! I need some new smells, I am going through the fancy stuff the mister bought me way way too fast.

  2. I have the Ilia in “Big Bang” and love it. I almost peed my pants when I found out a shop that’s a 5 minute walk away carries Ilia plus Kahina Giving Beauty – no more ordering online for me!

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