weekend road trip: boston & the cape

Tiny getaway! One of the big things in the “pro” column on the pros & cons list for moving back to Vermont was the proximity of East Coast weekend getaways.  Sean had never seen Boston, so we headed down.

I used this app Hotel Tonight, which is pretty amazing last minute hotel deals (if you enter the invite code tferro you’ll get $25 off your first booking & I get credits if you use it, but it IS ACTUALLY AMAZING OR I WOULD NOT SUGGEST IT.) ALSO amazing is the fact that it was a huge huge deal for me to let go of my control freakiness and actually be ok with not knowing where we were staying until 12 noon the day of. Granted, I’d been checking their Boston hotel choices for a week to make sure there was always something I liked, so it wasn’t TOO much of a control freak breakthrough. I’ve seen XV Beacon come up a few times for 1/2 off so I’m going to stalk it and just take off when I can get a weekend there. Hi! I love hotels. Did I mention that? White sheets! Room service! Tiny shampoo!

Saturday we started at the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, sitting on the edge of the courtyard until I got yelled at for taking photos, then having a really nice lunch and a mimosa in the museum café while we waited for it to be time to figure out where we’d be staying. We ended up at the Ames, which was really cute. Then, a trek around the North End, with café stops and actual historical things like the Paul Revere house. Did you know Paul Revere Sr was actually named Apollos Rivoire, and changed his name to Paul Revere? How great is that name?

Sunday was both of our first times on Cape Cod – a lot of house peeping & shell finding with a little estate sale-ing thrown in. I’d definitely go back to soak in the lilac covered, salt-water weathered shingle houses & beach times. When’s my next weekend away?


  1. How lovely. Thank you for sharing this tiny adventure. I have not been to Boston in years, but I hope to visit again this fall and your photos are inspiring me to make sure this happens. I’ll have to check out that hotel app, interesting. And the art museum. And Cape Cod (never been there).

  2. I lived in Boston for 2 years and never went to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum cause I’m a sucker. :( It looks like you had mucho fun! Excellent.

  3. “White sheets! Room service! Tiny shampoo!” Yes!
    Note to self: must plan a weekend getaway sooner rather than later. But we just need a vacation full stop :)

  4. let’s just quit everything and start a full-time lux hotel staying + fancy room service ordering + glamorous lazing about business. such a thing must exist, yes? we would be soooooo good at it.

    i think i could live happily just moving from one fancy hotel to the next. at least for half the year.


  5. TOTALLY going to check that app out. Also, I’m jealous of your proximity to the east coast. I’ve never been to Boston and want to so badly!

  6. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is one of my favorite places in Boston. It’s an amazing space she curated. I wish I was an eccentric like her with tons of artist friends, lots of worldly travels, and a house like that to curate my possessions in.

    And the North End of Boston is literally my favorite place in the city. I always gravitate over there. The pizza and pasta in side-street cafes are the best. The gelato and Italian pastry shops on every corner. The narrow alleys and brick buildings. I like following on the Freedom Trail, but I also just like wandering around the back pathways and getting lost for a few hours in that neighborhood. Last time I was there I went to church at the Old North Church. Sitting in those traditional New England pews was an interesting experience.

  7. God, I miss Boston. I love my little town but am having some major big-city cravings lately. I love your photos. You two are always so damn dapper and elegant.

    1. Is there anywhere close to drive to? I do love that Montreal, Boston, and NYC are all super close drives. Now, to just make sure we take time off to enjoy them!

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