Vivi goes sailing

The lovely Vivi is having her birthday on a sailboat next week, and she requested that I make her a sailing inspiration set. It’s also a good reminder that it’s already mid-July and I haven’t been on a boat yet this summer. Does a canoe count? Because I did go canoeing, at least. Get fancier, self!

Bikini Top // Bikini Bottom  // Straw Panama // Shirt // Weekender // Wine // Sarong //Bracelet // Sunglasses // Spritzer (I’m addicted to this stuff) // Perfume // Sandals



  1. Super cute. I love that perfume! Also, I love that spray now because of you, too. Smells like fun times in NY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VIVI!! xoxo

  2. Thanks Tam and Jen! This style board is so super cute. Can you believe I actually have the tan sandals with the toe strap. So much good inspiration! I love when you do these, make more please!

  3. i looked at a similar weekend bag, with pinstripes, for 5x the cost of the one you selected. i may have to get it!

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