under the pyramids

I think now it is time to introduce my lovely Parisian host, Mathyld. She really welcomed both me and my coworker, bringing us muffins and mapping out quick walks while we were still on work-time, and welcoming me into her home on my last few days in Paris, which allowed me a little extra vacation!

She has a wonderful Etsy shop called Under the Pyramids & recently changed both her shop and blog name from Encore Petite to Under the Pyramids. I love the new name, it conjures up the most divine vignettes of Edwardian boats down the Nile, straw and leather luggage piled high, mystery and tombs, glittering gold and cool stone. Mathyld’s aesthetic is one that really resonates with me – taking the twee edge off florals and teacups with a nod to the occult hidden underneath. Shhhh.

These photos were taken in the very early morning with most of the shutters closed to keep her sprawling Parisian apartment cool, so forgive the light. It’s one of the prettiest flats I’ve ever seen, with teapots and old books tumbling from every surface, huge French windows, tiny balconies, and stained glass. The whole place is so magical, and I only managed to snap a few shots, but here’s a tiny peek.

catbalconywindowmirrorFireplace reflected in a fireplace. Fancy! I was so inspired for my own house, I wanted to come home and pull the teacups out of the china closet and put them throughout the house! I would also like marble mantelpieces and giant pink mirrors, ok? Her apartment building is actually listed in Art Nouveau books! She’s been here for 8 years, so the house has accumulated that perfect lived in feeling.

shelfwooddeertreeThis fabric tree is totally amazing. She told me who made it, but I forget!! I’m coveting it like crazy, along with those teacups with golden tea-leaf divination printed on them. Sigh!

window2stairsA dream life, no? The perfect Parisian apartment!

miaupomponsBlurry and tired-faced! I love her pompon headbands. Flapper + cirque!

canalThe lady herself, partaking in her evening ritual of tea and tarot by the canal. A perfect way to end a Paris evening. I cannot even say how indebted I am for her turning this trip around into a series of 3 dream days, after the madness of working. For my next trip, I want to go to the south of France, where her mum has a tea-salon that promises to be as lovely as Mathyld’s flat!

& up next in the travelogues – a picnic in the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, and the dreamiest Paris day yet!


  1. stunning place to live!! i also want to strew teacups about my place now. lovely lovely lovely. can i come over for some tea too? i’ll tag along with drucilla 😉

  2. Oh my goodness! Mathyld really is a fairytale princess!
    That apartment makes me lightheaded with adoration –
    what an amazing home. I want to go back to Paris so
    badly now! I want tea and tarot by the canal! Let’s go.

  3. I’m so happy you got to meet Mathyld!! She’s such a magical, lovely, and stylish lassy. Her apartment is amazing! Thank you for sharing it with us honey.

  4. i caught just a quick glimpse of this post as i was dashing out of the apartment today and i must have thought about it almost the entire ride to work. i cannot get over how lovely mathyld’s home is! it is the one of the most sweetly cosy cocoons i’ve ever seen. thank you, thank you for this peek!

  5. i am so very blessed to have gotten to know mathyld through the wonders of the internet. i count her as a true dear friend and hope to one day be able to meet her face to face. she is an absolute doll and her apartment truly reflects her (and yes, i secretly covet it too)!

    lovely post indeed, i’ll have to tweet about it and sending all my love to mathyld, the sweetest gal ever..

    ♥ ada

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