tinsel & diamonds

weehoosCome in, come in!!  In the midst of all the loss and curious nonsense of life, I’ve been focusing on the holidays & making life as cozy in the chaos as possible. Hexmas shopping with Kate (who has some really sweet cards in her shop – maybe you need thank you notes for all those prizes you’re about to get?) & magic times with Dori – tiny heart-love bits of sanity.

fireI’m excited to have people over for wine & treats by the fire!

hoodcheertreeThis sounds crazy, but, THIS IS MY FIRST REAL TREE!!! My mom was always allergic, and then I had a vintage 60’s white tree, but this is soooo lovely. It smells like Vermont! It’s been amazing to set up the house and to start new traditions that we know will last. tree2tree3toadTree ornaments include toadstools, owls, pinecones, and acorns.


Ready for wrapping!! I want my family to have some magic, even if it is material things. Something about opening something chosen and wrapped with care makes you feel loved & a little spoiled. Do you wrap with themes? I’ve definitely got a red/white/brown thing happening…parcelswrap3reindeerlovehandangelpresentThis birthday present from Laura made meeeee feel loved and spoiled!lauraShe sent a protection magic doll for my surgery. So sweet! I will cozy with it in the hospital. Monika suggested today to bring an iPod filled with relaxing things to play during – even though I’ll be unconscious, my brain will hear the music. Any suggestions welcome!uterus& Holly brought sooooo many treats from Miette. Boxes and boxes of macarons and cake! I am chubs but content!miettemacaronsNo really, like 2 of these. Do you have any idea how hard it is to eat this many macarons? Rose Vanilla, my favorites!!!macaron_flowersThe Professor brought in flowers from the garden – foxglove and roses! That black glass tray is one of my most recent favorite thrift finds.cakesgreyshoes& we found him the perfect shoes! I wish they were my size!!

I’m looking forward to the holiday break and sleeping and being cozy by the fireplace, staring at the tree. When I was little I’d sneak into the living room at night and squint so all the lights went fuzzy and the tree just sparkled. I loved it so so much.

Now, back to more wrapping! And where DID I leave that shopping list?!


  1. Your home and gifts look just perfect. I want to be there cosying by the fire! I’ve never thought of buying Christmas presents as materialistc – I like the idea that I spend a long time thinking about someone I love and what would make them happy. It’s all about spreading the magic as you say. I’m so sorry about your recent sadness but hope you have a magical Christmas.

  2. sparkly! pretty! cosy! so much loveliness. you’ve made such a nest, isn’t that the nicest thing? i especially love the flowers from your garden and the look of those macaroons. i’ve never had one of those, how’s that for a confession?!

    and i’m all for establishing new traditions. i have started a few of my own. i make two wreaths every year, one for our door and one for a friend’s. this year, Iris helped me gather greenery from the woods.

    i hope you have a lovely nesty time with your loved ones.

  3. Oh, your home is just lovely! That tree is darling and makes me want one so bad!
    Best wishes for your upcoming surgery, and Happy Holidays!

  4. I have always taken great care with the wrapping of my packages, even when I was a child! This year (and last) I can’t resist the black and white flocked paper that I found at Target!

    I love that doll too, good luck on your surgery ladykins.

  5. i think i could polish off that many macarons, no problem. i’ve never been a….delicate?….eater. heehee. lucky to have so many beautiful treats! we are all wishing you an exceptionally good, warm, xmas.

  6. Oh Tam,
    your hexmas world is so perfect and dreamy!
    I am also going crazy with the wee amanitas,
    little mushrooms everywhere! My wrapping
    is not so pretty, but now I am very inspired
    for next year. I love the simple brown paper
    and candystripe string. I do have those labels,
    though! I shall make good use of them!
    Candles lit for you sister.
    Love love love.

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