1. I’ve been feeling the same way, I have a ton to sell and no time to list anything. I’ve been thinking about doing a big vintage sale in my garage or something. I wish there were more smaller fleas throughout the year like the Alamo Square one.

  2. Sounds like a good start for this new year !
    And thank you so much for including my headband to your etsy finds … I wish I made it before the wedding so I could have sent it to you !
    x x x

  3. yes on the tackling stuff! i am too. its a really good feeling (btw, i really liked that wordpress theme you chatted to me. yes!) to finally conquer projects that have been looming for aaaages.

  4. I love it! I know your wedding didn’t go quite the way you wanted, but know that others love the magic generated just by the photographs. Congrats on getting some recognition!

  5. Indeed, the Things – they are Happening! This is excellent…a wonderful thing to see in the first few days of the year, right? I think this is an auspicious sign. Good things, good things.

  6. Ha! That post was so “ooh, we were so fanciful!” It’s fun reading a post ostensibly written by you that sounds more like how we all feel about your wedding pictures than how you feel.

    These are very exciting things happening in your direction. Kudos!

  7. I am having the same desire to purge all clothes at once, yet not wanting to just give them away dilemma. I have hosted an all vintage clothing exchange before with other ladies in Santa Cruz but now that I live in Oakland I have no one who shares my vintage obsession who could match me. I would totally love to attend a sale in the bay area if you host one. I missed your last sale and was very sad to read about the day after. : ( Selling at the Alameda might be an interesting endeavor. They stick the new sellers all the way in the back, there is a fee, also you would have to do a lot of prep work for it and wake up so early. Not to disway you. I go every month, so I’d see you there and say hello. I have just thought about selling there too and other places but haven’t found the right venue to exchange treasures with other like minded ladies.

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