theatre of dreams

Elly & I made our annual pilgrimage to Theatre of Dreams in Port Costa. Heartbreakingly lovely, I wish I could move to this little town and make beautiful things all day!!

This puppet is a shadow marionette!

A little gastropod friend.

A garland of gilded leaves.

No hands, only stars.

Many try to copy Wendy’s magic & glitter, but they fall short! I wish I’d gotten some stars & leaves on wires to wind into my hair for New Year’s Eve ~ I’d meant to and I forgot.

The necklace was handcrafted by this lovely lady, who was in the shop as well. I would like them all, please!

The ribbons are hand letterpressed on vintage silk ribbons, and come in many colors and words ~ I chose “dream” & “magic” ~ perfect for the new year. Speaking of the new year, the artist who creates this sparkling wonderland let us know as we were leaving that she plans to do open houses monthly in 2009, with themes ~ including a circus theme! We will be there!


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