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Here’s a secret: I love Valentine’s Day.  When I was little, we’d wake up on Valentine’s morning and my mother would have tiny gifts on our breakfast plates. They were always red or heart themed, I remember one pair of red leather gloves I loved to bits. She’d make heart shaped pancakes and send us on our way.

The last few Valentine’s have been pretty heart-broken for me, so I am excited for our plans for this one. Kevin & I have been together almost a year, and are headed North up the coast to driftwood beaches and hot springs for a 3 day weekend. We are going to camp, which is maybe a little overzealous and brave (or silly) in this wet weather. Anyone know fantastic b&bs betwen Mendocino & Gualala just in case??





I went to Miette TWICE this week to see Holly, and unfortunately I ate all the Valentine’s candy I bought for other people. Oh dear. I will have to go back!

For those of you who have no Miette to go to, here is a tiny Valentine mix. Maybe it will be a starter for making one of your own to give to your sweet?

Hope Mountain ~ Antony & the Johnsons
Sweet Child o’ Mine ~ Taken by Trees
The Beautiful Ones ~ Battle of Land & Sea
Dark Globe ~ Syd Barrett
Old Magic ~ Mariee Sioux
Scientist of Love ~ Jessie Evans

So do you love Valentine’s day? For the kissyface part, or just for hearts and tiny cards?? Or is it just a terrible commercial holiday? Are you just in it for the chocolate?


  1. Ooooh lovely songs… thanks for that! I’ve never been to Miette, but now I think I may just plan on moving in instead of visiting…

    Are you staying in Sea Ranch? We love it there…

  2. What a great post! My parents always had See’s candy hearts for us on Valentine’s Day morning, I also remember having heart shaped pizza when they would leave us to go out that night.

    The Mendocino coast is my favorite part of California- There is a tiny town called Elk if you need a place to stay, check The Griffn House Inn, it’s an amazing hidden B&B gem.

  3. Jessica: We are going to camp a little north, in Manchester? Apparently the windiest beach in California. Perhaps a bad idea, but apparently it is like Wales & has the best driftwood of anywhere.

    Kristin: That is close!! I will check. I’d like to do Sunday night there but Kevin wants to camp both days. We’re planning hot springs for Monday and will probably be chilled to the bone by then. Adventure times!

  4. Wow…I havent visited your blog before and it’s gorgeous! I saw your flickr photos and had to come over. Valentines has never been my favorite holiday for many reasons (the romantic side is always fighting with my practical no-nonsense side all the time) but I like the beautiful items people create and I especially like things you presented…especially the rose water.
    Little , unusual and quality things ..those are what I like and treat myself to on occasion:) Anything but typical candy and red roses..
    Enjoy the coast! I grew up on the Monterey Peninsula and miss the ocean and Point lobos. Mendecino is just as pretty!

  5. @ Kristin: My god! Thank you thank you! St. Orres is amazing. I immediately emailed my boyfriend and told him WE MUST go there. I particularly like the Victorian – slash – Russian onion dome architecture. It appeals to me, given that I’m from Russia. Plus, the menu and the restaurant look charming.

  6. Christine: Thank you! Where do you live now? After 13 years in SF, I’m finally managing to explore more! I need a car.

  7. Aw, your blog is such a nice place to be. Love it!
    Valentine’s Day is one of my guilty pleasures. Like you, my mother always made it special and I’ve never associated it with Hallmark cheesiness or anything. It’s just another day in the year to eat sweets, wear pink, put flowers in the bedroom and giggle with your best friends. Besides, I love graphics on Valentines from the 60’s and 70’s. Sooo amazing.
    Have a wonderful time at the driftwood beaches.

  8. I have NO IDEA what I’m doing for V-day this year because things are just shitty across the board for my relationship. I’ve never been in this situation– I’ve always either had a great Valentine or not had one at all. Never have I been in a situation where I’m like, ah, fuck, Valentine’s Day, ew.

    Oh well. I think I’m going to take myself out for a round of something red to celebrate… I’m thinking Johnny Walker (Red Label, of course). 😉

    I like your ideas better, though. And wow, that candy store!

    1. Meredith: Eek, I am behind! I hope things get better?

      I once had a Valentine’s Day dinner at a fancy place where my bf let me know he was sleeping with someone else. AWESOME.

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