the ones you know no.2

The one everyone knows! The secret center of the cosmic spiderweb hum hum hum!! Mention Austin in a crowd of strangers, and surely everyone will say “Austin? Do you know Angel?” & of course…they do. Perhaps I shouldn’t speak so loudly, I’m sure there’s meaning to her magical web-pulling ways, and we’ll all be drawn together for some purpose soon.


Besides her role as people curator in the cosmic hum, she’s a painter, a collector of magic & an antique magnet, a storyteller, a world traveler, a gypsy witch, a whirling dervish, writer, an insomniac oracle, & one of the most cozy lovely amazing ladies you could ever have the luck to meet!! One day we will travel to China, or perhaps I will move to Austin. One never knows.


Her blog speaks of a million more wonders than I could ever detail here, so get a cup of tea, cozy up for awhile, and tuck in for a good read.

Shhhhh!! This is kind of a cheating post; Angel’s asked for a new mix a few times and I’ve been throwing songs into a playlist and not getting around to burning them and mailing in tangible form, & so here you are – an Angeliska mix for everyone. Please to (right click &) download and put in a playlist in this order before listening!

Rainbow Valet
Fingernail Tea Psychic Ills
Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping Grouper
Dry And Dusty Fever Ray
Canvas Imogen Heap
Monkey Chant Matteah Baim
Thunderlove Ohbijou
Skinnybone Sea of Bees
Curs In The Weeds Horse Feathers
Toboggan Breathe Owl Breathe
This is the Spade That Descends Head of Wantastiquet
In a Station Karen Dalton
Go Away With Me Dehli Low
My Boy Builds Coffins Florence And The Machine
Spirited Laura Gibson
Northern Lights Bowerbirds
Gifted Donald The Lovely Feathers
My Girls Animal Collective
Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh Sunset Rubdown
Many Ghosts Akron/Family
A Hand At Dusk Swan Lake
Horse Steppin’ Sun Araw
BlindBlindBlind A Silver Mt. Zion


  1. Awww! I am blushing madly, sweet lady-
    and so excited to listen! Thank you, thank you for the songs and kind words and for cheering me up this evening, and always..
    You are the bestest.

  2. she looks utterly bewitching. esp in that magnificent headpiece. how wonderful that you are celebrating your friends like this.

    p.s. i saw Fever Ray play live three weeks ago or thereabouts. it was spellbinding. Karin is extraordinary. such a performance.

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