the ones you know no.1


This is Nicole and her mama when she was wee. What a gorgeous shot.

Maybe I’m feeling sentimental lately, but I’ve decided to do a series focusing on some amazing ladies whom I know. The first in the series is Nicole, who just sent me an amazing parcel filled with so many goodies. We’d lost touch after 1995 so Facebook is exciting and brought us to be friends again! I can’t wait til we’re on the same coast and can hang out.


Parcel treats!! View large and read the page!


Some of her prints! Amazing, I need to get frames for them. I especially love the bear.

We met while at art school in Philadelphia, and she is still in Philadelphia, making amazing art, tattooing, and creating magic for album covers!



Check out her site for more of her work, plus the tattoos she’s done!


  1. you are such a dear! thank you darlin’…I too look forward to being on the same coast! Thinking of moving up to NY…Saugerties/Kingston area…but not for a little while…then we can have cabin fun!

    1. Yay! When would you move? And what’s there that’s inspiring the move?

      I’ll be back to the cabin at the end of August – then probably not again til next June!

      I keep meaning to do an epic upstate NY thrifting adventure, probably this next visit as there’s a lot I need to furnish the cabin.

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