the ones you know no. 5

Asheville edition of ‘the ones you know’, part 2! I’m not super happy that this city stole 2 of my favorite ladies on earth, but I’m glad they’re thriving there. Anna is one of the most grounded, wonderful, magical people I know. When I first met her years and years ago, I actually had to talk myself into making friends with her because I felt like such a scattered spaz in the face of her earth mama energy, but I’m so glad I did. She was one of my bridesmaids and SF isn’t the same without her. Wah!

While in SF she studied tailoring, and now has one of the most unique Etsy shops around. Custom denim is few and far between, and her designs are absolute perfection. Custom denim!!! To your measurements!! Seriously!!!! She designs and hand makes every single aspect of each piece – from pattern making to grading to sewing. So rare these days! Exclamation points!!!

& a wee studio peek – I love those windows. Ok, these posts have convinced me that a trip to Asheville is needed immediately.


  1. I reeeeeally love those jeans, and I really wish I had the body to look good in them!

    My childhood bestie lives in Asheville, and I’m dying to go there and visit.

  2. wow, i have never wanted to wear a pair of overalls until i saw those… awesome!! and i am a little bit happy there are awesome people on the east coast – growing up in md but lived in sf/oakland for five years and now i am back in dc – i miss the creativity of the bay area and is refreshing to see that on the east coast :)

  3. Man, I love that Anna. What a bad ass! Speakin’ of – how ’bout that ass? Not to be crude, but her butt is maybe my favorite butt around. One of my favorites. Hee! Love the SIN sewing machine… Those windows, too! Joy!

  4. You guys are the sweetest! can’t believe it took me this long to see all the nice things you people are saying… really, THANK YOU!

    AND, not to be a shameless promoter, but the beauty of high waisted jeans is that they flatter all the curvy magic of different body types. Really, this stuff looks HOTT on everybody.

    big love to you, tamera, for such a kind feature. you’re a really nice lady.


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