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the ones you know no.4

I was planning on a double power “the ones you know” Asheville based post about 2 of my favorite ladies on this planet, Anna & Karie, but there’s just too much goodness for a single post!

So I’ll start with Karie – I met Karie in SF & within minutes of meeting I was curled up on her sofa chatting like I’d known her for life. She later moved to Vermont & I was hoping she’d stay until I moved back, but she headed onward to Asheville. She met Anna at my wedding & they are both amazing magic-makers, and soon to head out to the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair together.

from my wedding, by emily ferro

Also, she has gap teeth. Commence mad jealousy now.

In her words: I was born in late June and love warm weather. I like blueberry picking, jumping in clear rivers, and watching sunsets with good buddies. I’m originally from southern California, but have lived in Washington DC, Brooklyn NY, Big Sur as well as San Francisco CA, Warren, Vermont, and just recently moved to Asheville, NC with my partner Rob. I’m excited to stay in one place for a while! My mother, Marcie, is a crafter, and when I was little I would travel to different craft fairs with her. That being said, I didn’t really start sewing until I was in high school. My best friend Valerie and I would come to my house after school and take apart clothing to see how it was made and then put in back together again. Since then I’ve been evolving my work in all sorts of ways – most recently focusing on handbags. I really love simple, durable materials like leather and canvas, but always with bright colors. I like to make things that are representative of how I try to live my life: gently, artfully and with a focus on quality, not quantity.

By the way, I have Valerie to thank for introducing us. Another amazing lady!! Thanks, mama!

Karie’s recently opened Etsy shop is TEARING IT UP. I love these satchels and tool wraps. So good! She’s also posting more on her blog, Shelter. In Vermont, she worked at Yestermorrow & Shelter continues to track her building inspiration & sewing projects. Check it out for gorgeous handmade houses and lots of original content. She also made the archery targets at our wedding, and started moss graffiti wedding direction signs – they unfortunately didn’t grow enough before the wedding, but the idea was amazing. She rules!

Take a look at her studio space & some wonderful things from her shop.

All images courtesy Shelter. Do not use without credit.


  1. Such a nice surprise to hear about Asheville on your blog – I’ve lived here for 11 years now and love every inch of our small, artistic, eclectic town. Excited to know about another fabulous person from my neck of the woods!

    1. Oh my, your clothing is beautiful – that blue dress! I would so love to have some kind of creative lady meet-up in Asheville, I feel like there are so many unique energies to share and benefit from.

  2. Thanks, Tamera for the sweet post and for all of the kind words! I would loooove to have a creative lady meet up here in Asheville. Contact me and we can figure one out soon! xoKarie

  3. Whoohoo! It’s an Asheville date – and Stephanie if you were talking to me with that “your clothing is beautiful” then thank you very much! And that blue dress has been the most popular one – which is always intriguing to me – you never know what will speak to people.

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