the ones you know no. 3

I was going to keep the ‘the ones you know’ series to ladies, but I also have some of thems-other-folks whom people should know about.


I picked this painting up from Kyle Ranson the other day as part of his blow-out art sale. He was about to head to the east coast for another collab show in NYC with Monica Canilao (the work I saw for it is clutch-worthy! If you’re in NYC, go and buy it all. Then send it to me. Thanks.)  He also mentioned that he was going to work with Dan Higgs, at which point I freaked out. Crazy shaman magic!! I cannot wait to see the results. I have this theory that all art is religious — we use art to create our mythologies, from renaissance monotheism to nature iconography to the magical creatures popping up in art all over these days. Kyle takes biblical mythology and brings it into the realm of the shamanic and psychedelic.


He also has a crazy amazing band, Pale Hoarse, with the equally amazing Kim.

Pale Hoarse – Darkness Has Taken Over Me

While looking around his room, especially at the work for the collaborative show in NYC, I was struck by a simple thought: make stuff. Vocalized, this sounded like the dumbest, most obvious thing ever. Somehow, though, the chord it struck in my mind snapped me out of some of that treading water feeling I get in life – I can’t be productive enough, creative enough, I don’t have energy or drive. Talking with someone who lives life completely creatively and is surrounded by work was super inspiring and wake-up-call-ing. So yeah. What are you going to create today? Go make stuff.


  1. yes, make stuff. i want to, all the time. i must stop thinking i can’t find the time and then find the time, dammit.

    however, i just made some beetroot & apple chutney and some spiced blackberry cordial. does that count?

  2. Only if I get to eat some!!

    I just got a big Moleskine ledger book to keep track of all the things I want to make — I have scraps of paper and notes all over — then instead of feeling overwhelmed when I have a few minutes of free time, I can start knocking out projects…maybe?

  3. i keep coming back to this. i really need to commit to one book for my lists and ideas. i feel so scattered at the moment and flitting like a butterfly from one scrap of paper to the back of an envelope isn’t helping. have you found that this has been useful so far? have you made anything? lists? ideas? tell me!

    1. nath! I haven’t even had TIME to do this. i got as far as ripping out some old notes and scribbles and putting them in a pile. sighhhhhh.

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