the mountains just push right through

Yesterday I was lazily browsing the internet, scrying for who-knows-what, and saw a listing for the Akron/Family show at Brookdale Lodge. I’d been thinking about it, but then had forgotten, and decided if I did not rent a car RIGHT THEN and drag Holly and Elly along, I would be sorry. So I did. And I was not sorry at all, full moon and redwood jagged silhouette skyline, a million stars, cozy family houses, In-n-Out stops, deer, raccoons, magic dancing and sing-alongs, letting it all go and back home at 4am to collapse with a kitten tucked under my chin. (The sad thing? My camera battery died.)



Oh, how I would like a car. Maybe someday. New ones are prohibitively expensive and I’m afraid that buying an old one will leave me with a pile of junk! But to escape! For adventure!!! Wilderness! Camping! Spontaneous 2 day drives to Austin! Sign me up, oh prosperous universe. Show me the way to manifestation.

Speaking of, have you all seen this new site, Market Publique? It focuses only on vintage clothing, a bit of an etsy/ebay combo but with clean design and no popsicle stick Santa ornaments to wade through to find the goodies. I am trying it out, so let me know what you think!! Perhaps it will be the thing, as I haven’t quite figured out Etsy…


  1. I have zipcar, it’s SO MUCH CHEAPER to rent a car. Like, ridiculously so. I need to cancel my zipcar. And buy one.

  2. I almost went to this show, but I had an meeting the next morn. so alas, I could not.

    Zipcar is really only useful for around town, but if you want a great deal on a longer trip check out priceline. I got a Prius in LA for 20/day! Shatner is still working his magic after all these years…

    This past weekend I saw a pristine 63 Rambler station wagon (rebuilt engine) that you would look rather cute in for a $2500.

    Just pop one of these in and down the road you go:

    I am hoping to put one on my 66 Chevy “Mystery Machine” (which I am working on turning into a modern gypsy wagon/mobile studio)

    dream BIG!

    1. I just want my own car, and not a big clunker! but i cant afford it. next time i decide to rent i’ll check out priceline, though.

  3. Clunker!? haha.. well, I guess it probably isn’t the most efficient vehicle in the world, but the sense of joy derived from driving an antique auto is pretty nice. Things were finely designed and built to last in days of yor.

  4. Conservation is a good thing, even with car, especially when you consider the toxicity of rusting landfills. If you put a hydrogen generator on a gas vehicle it reduces emissions to 0. On a utopian planet, my car would run on water completely. I think its possible.

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