The Low Profile Bed Search


I’ve been searching for a low profile bed frame since we moved here, and it’s gotten to the point where I just have to find something and take the plunge. I haven’t found anything I’m 100% sold on, probably because my dream bed is a tremendous 4 poster Shaker style bed, and our bedroom ceilings slope.

The considerations:
1. Under 43″ headboard, or easily modifiable headboard. Ish. It’s not like the plaster is straight.
2. Steel or solid wood. Preferably made in the USA. Nothing upholstered or cane, a.k.a. a giant scratching post. No engineered wood.
3. Preferably white, as we already have a lot of wood action going on.
4. Slats or a platform, so we don’t need a box spring. Finished sides (no bedskirt needed.)
5. Really, really sturdy. I have a fear of beds collapsing on cats.
6. Nothing too modern.


The contenders:
1. Room & Board Bennett Bed. We could paint it white.
2. Garnet Hill Windsor Bed. Would have to modify the headboard. Not convinced on the construction, even though it’s solid wood. Finial attachment area / visible screws would need fixing.
3.¬†Room & Board Webster Bed. Too industrial, but it’s sturdy, made in the USA, and the right height.

And that is literally all I could find that wasn’t too modern, engineered wood, or tall. HELP.


  1. Land of Nod has some very classic beds in Queen. A friend was looking for a Jenny Lind and she was surprised to find her perfect bed here. Not just for kids!

  2. I have the Bennett bed. It’s sturdy and I never had any problem with it. Mine is dark brown, which I don’t love, but I guess there wasn’t a light options. So if you can paint it, that would be great!

  3. We were in the same boat last year (a specific height limit, look and feel) and were frustrated to find that tall headboards are EVERYWHERE right now. In the end we enlisted a local carpenter friend to build a custom frame for us at the price of what a Room and Board bed would have cost us. If you know anyone who might be up to it, it’s a great way to get exactly what you’re dreaming of.

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