The classic leather tote


Ah, the elusive perfect plain leather tote. Long strap. Big but not TOO big. Natural honey-cognac-y color. Great for travel, work, and beach times. Only gets better with age.

After months and months of comparing, I think I’m ready to make a decision. The Clare Vivier La Tropezienne, absolutely. No, maybe the Baggu. Wait…this Coach one is perfecttotes

1. Misoui // 2. Elizabeth & James (sold out, try this one or this one.) // 3. Rib & Hull // 4. Baggu // 5. Cuyana // 6. Clare Vivier La Tropezienne // 7. Clare Vivier Cartable (sold out, similar here.) // 8. Banana Republic (sold out, try this one or this one.) // 9. Mansur Gavriel

Which would you choose?


  1. #9 is gorgeous! And I love that it seems to have enough structure to stand up on it’s own. I’m sorry if it’s the most expensive (champagne taste beer budget over here)

  2. Ooh, I vote #6 or #8, primarily for the straps that go the whole way around the bottom. Makes them sturdier, and less likely to yank the seams out where they’re attached.

    This is a boatload of good choices!

  3. I have the Rib&Hull, which I love, even if the finishing of the leather is very sensitive and it partially washed away the first time I found myself under a NY summer storm. So, careful with that :)

  4. Those Banana Republic ones are flimsy as heck. I’ve gone through a few and the straps always break, even though I never carry more than keys and a wallet in them. (Only paid full price for the first one…others I bought at the Gap Factory Store where a bunch of damaged ones were tossed into a big bin. That doesn’t speak well!)

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