teacups & tidepools


A harbinger of tea in the garden – this lovely print (I have coveted the original for awhile now!!)
is a “100th sale” gift from the very talented Liza!

This weekend was really one of the most peachy perfection weekends
since that amazing birthday weekend a few months ago!


Saturday was witchens tea party #5 – attended by new and old friends,
it was a delight to meet Kai Smart (go peek at her beautiful work!)
who came with the very talented Rosey Lakos, & Amy from Santa Cruz!
I cannot wait until I have zoom-ability wheels and can
get away to the woods whenever I like!


Most photogenic girl ever!

Francesca came and is growing her braids very long. She brought a mini camera and a mini bike and her own mini cuteness.


Holly is dreamy and helped very very much to make everything beautiful. She and I should quit our day jobs and put on tea parties around the bay. That seems like a reasonable enterprise, no?


Elly is a dream astrologer with wizard boots.



Isn’t Rosey right out of the 40s?


There were tiny sandwiches, and Michelle brought macarons from Miette, rose geranium lemonade, shortbread cookies, tiny cakes from Crixa, a cake shaped like a bunny, goat cheese and brie, baguettes, almond tea cakes, fresh fruit from the farmers market, cucumber slices, and many many kinds of tea! Oh, and champagne, which was splashed liberally into the lemonade!





Hiding behind Kai is Kate!! We met that very morning in Goodwill, and she happens to an amazing artist and part of the Cabinet of Curiosities Etsy team!! She lives close by and it’s nice to meet new lovely ladies. She reminds me of Dear Birthday!



Mary Ann is radiant under the apple tree!

I need more afternoons with so much talent & niceness, I barely got to speak to everyone. Next up will be crafty times, I think, perhaps at Elly’s house. I hermit too much & am very very shy! I always intend to actually have planned things, like herb tours or tarot reading, but then we get to talking and end up just eating and talking. So a craft day would be good!

After we cleaned up from tea, I hopped into the rented car, put the sunroof down, and drove up the coast to Point Reyes. Kevin and I slept in my favorite turret room overlooking Tomales Bay, and woke up to have a hot tub & hike up the hill, then wound our way to Osmosis Spa, where we had massages and the curious Cedar Bath! Eeee. Small snack treat luncheon in the garden, and out to the beach!!





These sleeping alien rock giants were carved by the wind. So magical.




A lovely lovely weekend, the only thing that could have been better would have been to attend Angel’s Easter Party!!!


(p.s. one million more photos on my flickr!)


  1. Eeeeee! Oh, I want to have a doppelganger so I can be there and here at the same time- then I could gobble up all the treats, yam-yam-yam!
    I just realized looking at that delectable spread that I forgot to make cucumber sammiches! Horrors! I need to find and read some fancy hostessing books. Know of any?

  2. No, let’s write one!!!

    Thee Witchens Guide to All Fancy Times
    by Miss Angeliska and Tamera Jane
    available in dream-huts near you!

    I was wishing you were there all Saturday!!!

  3. This entry made my day, how amaaaaazing! Will you send me the link to your turret room? I want to stay there someday, it seems to magical! Oh and please please please have another tea party and let me come snap pictures and play too!

  4. That tea party was amazing…and here is the secret- anyone can have one! It helps to have a lovely garden but I am sure you could throw some sheets in a backpack and settle down in some unused public space, graveyard, vacant lot etc. I once had a small tea party with only zucchini bread and yuerba buena tea on the train trestle over Capitola Village. Luckily, no trains came.

    Thank you Tamera, for throwing the most perfect and magical event. I was HONORED to be invited.

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