Table Refresh: Emerald Green

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I don’t have a before of this, except in the old living room post. It was a dark brown, mission style desk we picked up at a yard sale in Berkeley. Not the best thing, but works for now and we had this Benjamin Moore Irish Moss paint left over from the door. The brass knob is from House of Antique Hardware. Painting it bright green has really helped make the room feel a lot more deliberate and bright, which is nice.

The living room, by the way, has changed a lot and we’re working on putting in a built in bench in place of a sofa – to thwart cat scratching, and to serve as a bed for the boys if they stay over. We haven’t prioritized fixing the house up, but we MUST get more done before winter or I might lose my mind. Some rooms feel like we just moved in, and it’s been 2 and a half years since we bought the house!


  1. Changes in the living room? Please, show and tell! I miss reading your posts and watching your beautiful photos. What happened to the little cabin? What does your house look like now? I bet autumn in Vermont is breathtaking!
    I know that the computer screen never shows the colors as they are, but this green looks perfect. I need to find some Benjamin Moore shop (I’m not even sure it’s available where I live) and paint something with exactly this paint.

  2. Oh, and I looked at the old post about the living room and remembered to ask – do you have any problems with the shelves in the bookshelf made by your brother? Do they bow, I mean? They seem very long and have no support in the middle, and books are heavy. I have the worst time finding bookshelves that will carry my book collection (It seems that bookshelf manufacturers thing bookshelf are for displaying vases and pictures and maybe a book or two, not to be packed with heavy stacks of paper) and so I’m considering having a giant bookshelf costom made (in, like, 50 years, after I save up for one). I like the modern lines of yours but always wondered how it’s holding up.

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