strawbale house tour

kitchen2 Remember Jim & Myra’s wedding? Well, besides having a gorgeous wedding, they have a gorgeous house and new baby! Jim has spent years building all this from scratch, and it’s still a work in progress. Hand hewn beams, strawbale, stained glass windows.

This is the front door into the big, airy, warm kitchen. It’s one of the coziest places ever. I should have taken more photos so you could really get the scale, it’s HUGE.

kitchenThat giant door is a fridge/storage. Seriously, how is this real?

pantryPantry nook hidden behind the kitchen. Sticks!

livingroomThe kitchen leads to the living room, a huge huge space with a stage for parties!! It’s so sunny and airy, and feels like you’ve left modern time and space and are in some old fashioned banquet hall!

From there, you go up a twisty stairwell to one bathroom with a mirrored hot tub, and a steampunk shower.


bathroomAnd another all green and cavernous. Up another staircase, and there are bedrooms with hidden nooks, a door to the living roof, and some of the most beautiful spaces ever.

bedroom2bedroomJust through that door is the living roof.

Outside, there’s a treehouse built for Jim’s older boy, one of the best I’ve seen.

treehouseI will live in here, ok?

How about you all? Ever considered strawbale building?


  1. BEAUTIFUL! yes! some friends of ours built a strawbale house on their small-holding. we looked after it and their animals for a week, two autumns ago, we loved it. everything in their house was either useful or beautiful or both. handmade or selvedged. it’s not on such a grand scale as Jim and Myra’s but certainly shares some of the same charm and beauty. i’d lOVE to build my own house. i’d like a little sauna out back too.

  2. Oh pretty lady, you’re really in full nesting mode huh? How wonderful! I hope you utterly delight in it! That house looks completely divine, what a wonderful sacred space to live and raise a family and laugh and enjoy with friends! Would love to build a strawbale house one day – I remember reading that while it was difficult labour-wise, it was achievable by any layperson (within reason!) and I love the idea of having family and friends lend energy to creating something that is not only the ideal space within which to lead a deliberate life (thanks Thoreau!) but that is friendly to the environment also! Love.

    1. I have one more house to post, too. Oops? Yeah, I really really want to head home and buy a house & make it cozy. Getting old!! Something about renting forever, when I see houses that are made by hand it really makes me itch for something I can build myself, or at least renovate to perfection!

  3. Oh… my…..I’m in love
    That is now my dream house, I love every single detail. And that kitchen! It just invites you to cook! Thank you so much for sharing it :)
    Those kids are so lucky to have such a beautiful, magical place to grow up in. Jim should be very, very proud of himself – he’s created a masterpiece :)

  4. Oohhh, lovely. So similar to the cob house my husband and I plan to build once we get our own land. That little bricked alcove in the kitchen has given me some great ideas!

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  6. How sweet to share so much of your living and precious active living with all.. I remember back to those days of raising blessed little children, how magical it must be for them to awaken to such creativity every morning! Thanks a bunch!!!

  7. Oh my, this house is so beautiful. I love the color schemes, would have never thought of that for myself. Is it possible if you can take pictures of the exterior?

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