When did I start dressing like my grandmother? A year and a half in New England with nowhere fancy to shop + 10  extra pounds will do that to you, I guess.

I tried to dig around online today to stock up on my favorite wardrobe staple, a black boat neck long sleeve tee. The last one I purchased was the “painters tee” with brass buttons on the neckline from J.Crew, and is perfect. And doesn’t exist anymore.

When will I learn to stock up on the basics when good ones pop up?

P.S. things have been quiet – Sean and I have had a horrible hacking cough cold since EASTER. Madness and lots of weekends trapped in the house.

P.P.S. I went to a better doctor who ordered more tests and who wondered about the possibility of scarring, I’ll be having surgery soon-ish to check for that. So we’re going to do that before moving forward on anything else. For those of you wondering. Thank you to everyone who’s been sweet to me.


  1. I like that striped jacket a lot! and I hear you about good staples…have you tried petit bateau?
    it must be a strange relief that a doctor found something that is wrong, and that there’s a treatment for it.

    1. I’ll check petit bateau! Thanks!

      They didn’t find anything wrong yet – the surgery is diagnostic to check for adhesions. Once they go in, they’ll see if they exist and if they’re blocking anything. Either way I would want it done before moving forward with IVF.

  2. If you can’t avoid dressing like a grandmother, at least you picked a good one to emulate! Glad you’re feeling better. Crossing fingers that you keep getting good health news!

  3. And yet, even in granny basics you’re still so stylish.

    I am really glad to hear you’ve found another doctor and are able to explore some other options. I am still very hopeful for you whatever path you take.

    Last, I love that necklace. Just a nice little touch of fancy.

  4. i am a quiet frenzy on the inside feeling so relieved you’ve found someone who wants to investigate and cover all bases before rushing into big treatments! AT LAST. omg.

    and GET BETTER SOON. wow, you two have been sick forever! :(

  5. So so glad that you are having more testing and found a better doctor.
    As far as style goes, you have more in your pinky than I have in my whole body.

  6. Grandmotherly dressing rules. I know what you mean about stocking up on basics though – I always wear everything I love into the ground and then can never find it again.

    All the best for surgery, thinking good thoughts for you.

  7. I moved to New England over 5 years ago and I couldn’t agree with that first para more. I’ve never felt more dumpy or heavy. I decided I’d had enough… started losing the extra pounds and dressing like my old self.

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