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Inspiration and instinct. We so often ignore it, overlook what we know is truth, doubt our inner steering mechanisms. I can feel when I’m pushing it aside, a sense like treading water, outside of the cosmic hum. I’ve been trying to ask the question ‘how does this guide me?’ around action and decision, to be conscious of what and why I do what I do. It’s helped, but vacations and mind-rest are needed to re-set and re-inspire my swirling head, to set me back on track and trusting my own internal life-path.

So on Friday, I took the day off work, and Kate and I spent it wandering, calling it our inspiration day. It was more magical and more wonderful than I could have imagined — though our intent was to be refueled and inspired and checked back into the cosmic hum, I’ve been so sad and cynical lately that I didn’t have high hopes.

transamericaBut everything worked, the rain stopped, clouds parted, sun came out — somehow, we didn’t rush or think of errands or needing to get anywhere at any time – a sense of conscious restfulness and wonder settled over our day. Exactly what we needed, feeling checked in again & back on magic paths.


roseNorth Beach, tiny brick alleyways, shadows and color, Aria, antique French specimen cases. Lunch under chandeliers, coffee & coziness.

lettersshellslampchinatownlipoChinatown, music and layers of time – as if time were being peeled back as we walked, sights and sounds coming from each layer; color & shapes. Back in time further with a walk through the Palace Hotel, and then zooming forward again saturated with art at SFMOMA. Onward to Macys, where shoes were…85% off? At this point Kate kept saying “this is a DREAMMM DAY” in her cute Scottish accent.

citysfmomashoesKate’s sale shoes! The last pair fit her.

We met up with Holly at work at Miette in Hayes Valley, where our visit coincided perfectly with her break, and we tucked into tiny attic rooms with cake and conversation. Exhausted and content, Absinthe for dinner, elderflower & champagne cocktails & beet salad. Sigh!!!


Finally, as if the day could be ANY MORE PERFECT, I arrive home & draw a bath, with this AMAZING new bath from Apothekerri that I’m testing and reviewing for a giveaway on this blog next week! I can’t wait to share it with you! A glass of Bonny Doon wine and a Miette macaron in the bath (oh bliss) & books (I often read 2 books at a time, do you? Pairing them, like cheese and wine! these two go together perfectly) & bed, early and exhausted. The Professor says I look rested, less heavy, lighter & more energized.

& I feel it! Yay!


  1. I love pairing books too! Right now it’s Nabokov’s “Ada, or Ardor” and Richard Holmes’ “The Age of Wonder: How the Romanticists Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science.” I actually think you would love them both.

  2. Oh! I would love to send you some supernatural soap to review! I’m making other products too and will be re-launching everything with my new labels soon! If you’re interested, email me your address and I’ll send you a magick package! xo, Lavona

  3. I found you today via Gala Darling, and when I clicked over and saw your gorgeous picture of the Transamerica building, I immediately thought: I should email her. (Leaving a comment works too, especially when one is nursing a cold with a teapot full of brandy, circumstances which may contribute to being unable to find an email address.) I like to follow these sorts of whims because they often lead to nice things. And when I saw that we were in Miette on the same day – $6 worth of salt caramels, thank you – the urge to send you a note was solidified.

    Therefore: Hi! If you’d ever like to meet a random blog person for a cocktail or a Miette trip, please let me know. You seem lovely and right down my proverbial alley.

    – Amber

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