1. Looks awesome. Do you do a full coat of gold, mask it and then layer over it with the pink or do you freehand the gold onto the pink?

    I’m always amazed at what people can do freehand.

  2. I haven’t caught the manicure fever yet (much as I do like nailpolish), but I enjoy seeing its results! I’ve never seen a style like yours before; it looks lovely.

  3. I’ve loved pink and gold together, ever since – alas – reading about a pink and gold outfit of Claudia’s in one of the Baby Sitters Club books.

    I, too, have started paying wayyy more attention to my nails – it’s really fun, and amazing how much it perks me up having this one tiny part of me decorated. That said I’m not sure I have the skill quite yet for half moons. They look stunning!

  4. Yup. The manicure fever totally hit me a few weeks ago. Is it all the time indoors we have now, or what? I’m loving it. I did deep purple with a layer of sparkles only over my ring fingernails. I’m obsessed.

  5. Beautiful manicure. And I happen to have those exact same polishes – excited to give myself a fancy manicure, I would have never thought up that combination on my own – thanks for the idea.

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