rosé & cleopatra

Back from a whirlwind weekend in NYC – I didn’t bring my camera, but took a few hasty phone photos – also here. I was so so excited to finally meet Jen from Honey Kennedy, who was in town visiting, and she very graciously let me stay with her in the posh Chelsea apartment her friend owns. I realized I am pretty starved for the lady friend times here, and I may have gotten tipsy and yammered too much. She’s even better in real life and I wish we lived closer.

We met up with Alison from Teen AngsterShilo & Vivi at Rye for dinner right after I landed on Friday evening & it was cozy and lovely. Fancy cocktails & an endless parade of desserts. Saturday was running around with Anna from Door Sixteen, & Jenna from Sweet Fine Day  (yes, it’s weird to attach everyone to their blogs but on the off chance you don’t read them, go do so immediately) – and I got to have Ethiopian food for the first time since leaving Berkeley, which made me weep tears of joy. Such good times & I miss them all already. I’ll just be over here petting my neon pink friendship bracelets and rocking back and forth from wilderness loneliness. Ok.

The Egyptian wing at the Met – I could stay there for months and be blissfully happy. Pretending to read the hieroglyphs. Drinking rosé with a direct view of Cleopatra’s Needle. My first trip to Strawberry Fields. Diamonds at Catbird. French breakfast. Wandering the West Village when only the dogwalkers are awake. Daydreaming schemes (I’m the cynical one.) Late night falafel & curled up talking on a velvet sofa.

One of the “Pros” on my list of moving to VT was the proximity of NYC, and having been down twice in the last 2 months has been really, really great. The plane was a little crazy, drama both there and back, but now I have a $50 “Sorry we had electrical failure and made you cry” credit from JetBlue, at least. I might try the Amtrak for the next trip – that cab ride from the airport is actually more expensive than the flight.

Also, yes. I know my blog was hacked and the RSS and Search headlines are stupid. I can’t really do anything short of spending days and days I don’t have attempting to track down corrupted files, so yeah. I’ve been ignoring it since June. If you know any php geniuses who feel like volunteering to fix it, let me know.

I feel like the Year of the Dragon so far has been like one giant insane Mercury Retrograde. Everything is INSANE, up in the air, chaotic, and draining. Throw me a bone, dragon. A bone made of macarons and houses and babies.


  1. Sounds lovely, except for the scary electrical problems and all that craziness! Eek. I want to get back to NYC so badly… planned to go this summer but alas, fate likes to shit on my plans. I wish Amtrak was more convenient for me, I would so love to take a ride on a train! Haven’t done so since I was eleven.

  2. so dreamy! i love the egyptian wing at the met, too. fascinating the journey those objects made to get to nyc, especially the enormous stuff like that temple.

  3. omg! Cafe Reggio. So many teen-times spent in there trying to act like I was older and mysterious. If there a Megabus type thing that runs from VT. I’ve found that to be the best and most affordable way to go from RI. All the trains on the eastern corridor are so pricy!

      1. whaaaaaaaaaaat?! 40 buck plane ride? I’d totally deal with the LIRR for that kind of money/time deal. Surprisingly, there are no direct flights from PVD to NYC. And the ones that are advertised are, like, multi-hundred dollars.

        1. $39, 45 mins. Unfortunately, in the winter that’s more like 5 hours – because both there and back I waited on the tarmac for HOURS and then with the security crap tacked on and the cab ride tacked on – it’s longer than driving down!

  4. Soooo lovely! Glad you got to have a beautiful adventure in NYC…
    Yes to dragon bones made of macarons and no to hackers who make our little worlds full of junk!

  5. Reading this has made me even more excited for my (first everrr) New York trip later this year. It’s so cool meeting other bloggers that you click with, I know what you mean about the whole saying too much thing but most of the time – especially when you know the ins and outs of each others’ lives anyway through blogging/twitter etc – it’s all good.

    Hope the year of the Dragon throws you a bone asap! :)

  6. January really did feel like a giant Mercury-Retrograde whirlwind. I’m hoping February will be the uplift from it. Nonetheless, your trip looked beautiful. I wish NY was closer, it’s one of my favorite places to visit.

  7. Yes yes – retrograde ugh. I have been wallowing and stressed for seemingly months on end. We did that whole honey-moon-we-couldn’t-afford thing too this past October and I’ve been behind and reeling ever since. This little trip of yours seems so very lovely. I can really appreciate looking through your eyes instead of traveling somewhere myself right now.

    1. It’s not really even Mercury Retrograde! Literally since the first day of the Year of the Dragon, though, things have been CHAOS. That sounds so woo-woo but whatever. Forces are at work. 😉

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