Road Trip: Newburyport, Massachusetts

park marketsquare shopwindow lilacs maritime cocacola flowerbox bricks_blooms seaWe took off toward the sea last weekend, no plans in mind except stepping out of reality for the day. We ended up in Newburyport for lunch, and we’ll definitely be back to explore further. The town was settled in 1635 and there are still gorgeous 1700’s buildings standing, giving it an English feel. Old New England seaside port towns – like Wiscasset or Portsmouth – feel like time traveling to me. I love exploring them and it was amazing to stumble on this one. Next time we’ll do this historic house tour, and do more research on thrift and antique shops in the area.

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  1. You capture New England so perfectly. I want to light a pumpkin candle, have a hot toddy and lock myself away in a brick library. Xo

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