rainy Saturday

It’s turned cold here & fall has truly set in. I find myself questioning my sanity at moving from reasonably warm Northern California to this rainy, bone chilling world, but I’m hoping acclimation kicks in and the trade off of hot cider and cozy sweaters is worth it. We spent a rainy day yesterday with my brother and the babies (so not babies anymore) having art times and going to one of my favorite Vermont museums, the Fairbanks Museum.

The Fairbanks is like the Vermont version of the museum in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. Ok, it’s totally not, but it was built in 1889 and the building itself is just gorgeous to walk around in. Sean wants to move in, immediately.

&  a quick visit to a rainy farm stand, for the last maple creemee of the season.

Today is bundled up on the couch with tea and books while it continues to rain. Finally, a relaxing weekend?


  1. That staircase is perfect. The world needs more stairs like that. Life in Vermont looks beautiful through your camera lens. I hope you are settling in happily. Cozy rainy Sundays are my favorite…

  2. Finally it is a rainy quiet day, and I am laying in bed (reading Lauren Groff’s new one, Arcadia, which makes me think of you – you will love it!) and catching up on your world. Can we all move into that museum? Wonders, wonders. Also, I’ve never had a maple cremee or a proper fall, and I’m jealous! Maybe Vermont trip still in the summer? Want that. Love, love.

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