pumpkin spice latte

I’m super excited about Pumpkin Spice Latte season – except the whole FORTY NINE GRAMS OF SUGAR thing. So this morning, it was experiment time.

I used unsweetened coconut milk, a dash of nutmeg, a dash of cardamom, and pumpkin pie spice, heated and “frothed” with a fork. Then coffee, brewed dark. More frothing. IT WAS PERFECT. & you could easily add a little maple syrup or use sweet coconut milk if you like your coffee sweet. It would also be fantastic in decaf, which is what I’ll be switching to shortly. One vice at a time.

(Side note on the health project: No sugar for a week! We played tennis! 3 lbs down so far…)


  1. Funny timing – I just had a pumpkin spice latte yesterday and drank 2/3 of it and had to throw it out because it was too sweet! I’ll have to try your version 😉

  2. That’s always my pet peeve about pumpkin lattes and such…they’re super sweet. But this sounds delicious. And like something I can make in the van which is a super bonus. :-)

  3. This sounds amazing! I recently converted Stephen to coffee drinking and I’ve been looking for variations we can experiment with. I’m generally content with mine plain but since it’s new to him he’s all, what else can we make?!? Ha.

    Yay on the weight loss! You definitely inspired me to start up my healthy eating habits again this week.

  4. That sounds perfect! I have a major distaste for heavily sweetened beverages, so pumpkin lattes are normally kind of gross to me since they are so sugary. But this would be exactly what I’d find tasty.

  5. As I bake away in the southern CA heat, I just can’t wait for the arrival of autumn. This sounds awesome) Maybe blend with a bit of banana for sweetness? I have an eggless nog recipe, to which I add some banana (and maple). The banana sweetens it up a bit without tasting banana-y. Just an idea.

  6. Yes! I love making my own pumpkin spice lattes. I use so much pumpkin puree that it’s ridiculous. Your coconut milk idea sounds just fantastic – I’ll definitely have to try it.

      1. I just whisk the puree with about half a cup of milk, and it’s good! I can’t recall how much puree I use; I just eyeball it. I know I started out with two tablespoons and then adjusted upwards from there. I use pumpkin pie spice too. Basically I’m a maniac for these things! :)

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