practice makes perfect

Just noticed that Diva from Linea Carta has a calligraphy starter kit in her shop!! I need this desperately – before the wedding I dug out my mom’s old pen and nibs from the 60s and practiced and practiced to no avail before just hiring Diva to work her magic on the invites. Maybe it’s time to track down that pen and try again?

Calligraphy Starter Kit. Wouldn’t this make a great gift for a bride-to-be?

The Lettering Chart on it’s own.

Failing that, there’s always the Rubber Stamp set.

All images from Linea Carta.


  1. I was really into it in the early-mid 90’s, too. I was at the art store the other day and saw all the rows of pens and nibs and inks…made me want to pull out my squirreled away bits again.

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